Sacha Walckhoff: The Revitalization of Lacroix

sacha walckhoff lacroix

Often in our lives, there is no right time to accomplish something. We are either too young or too old, or too bright or too bold to take on major projects. But when the task is fashion, especially with Lacroix’s signature, sometimes you must accomplish a great task with determination, extravagance, and grit. No matter your age or personality. That’s what Sacha Walckhoff decided to do one year before completing the majority age working alongside with Christian Lacroix.

In 2009, after presenting his last collection, Lacroix left the brand and his well-known magic paintbrush. His designs, colors, and outlines were easily recognized, and Walckhoff mastered them. During the last three years, he has been responsible for the brand and the father of the Lacroix color palette. The heritage journey and the intercontinental inspiration boosted Walckhoff in his first work: the idea of traveling and the worldwide insights gave life to his first pieces.

The renovation of the brand started with “Les Garçons Migrateurs,” and the wings of Walckhoff were wide open. “With Lacroix in their hearts and under their skin,” the work is endless. Despite his own minimalistic signature, Walckhoff maintains the coherence and identity of the brand. The fabrics came to life, the colors moved along, and the brand was enhanced through memories and bright, new ideas. With Lacroix as the legacy and using an “open mind,” Walckhoff guides this extravagant, luxurious, and rich brand, which is expanding to new territories and new inspirations.

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