Video of the week: Gucci Première with Blake Lively

Launching of Gucci Première with Blake Lively

Gucci Première campaign picture with Blake Lively
Beverly Hills and the desert were the scenarios chosen to receive the new diva of Gucci. Blake Lively is the new face for the launch of Gucci’s new gorgeous fragrance Gucci Première. The campaign could not have had a better effect, exploiting the power and luxury of the brand Gucci, the young actress appears as an inimitable and untouchable goddess, exuding an energy of unimaginable sensuality, confidence and seduction.
The new fragrance of Gucci: Gucci Première
Gucci Première Fragrance poster with Blake Lively

Aiming to capture the glamour era of the golden age of cinema, the video of the campaign begins with a breathtaking landscape: Beverly Hills and its night-lights view from the top of an apartment. Simply inspiring it makes us desire to be there ourselves. But nothing is left to chance and as such it then appears Lively in a stunning long dress with a golden and highly worked fabric, showing her perfect curves. How could it be random? Gold is the color of glamour, sophistication and panache. Amid this landscape, comes an image of a film set in a mysterious desert, where the actress appears with a sexy dress that shows just tail in his legs. This is all combined with music that creates an immersive universe and makes us shiver and obviously put our best “mask” for the little game of “flirt”.
Blake Lively and Gucci Première
Blake Lively launches the new fragrance of Gucci
Salma Hayek at Gucci Premiere Fragrance Launch
Blake Lively at Gucci Premiere Fragrance Launch
But you should definitely see for yourslef… Watch the video for the campaign, but don’t watch it with “advertising eyes” but as something like a petite lesson on how to be a sophisticated woman bursting with desire. Small details to remember: the look of the actress when she is looking at landscape and remembers the film set, the seductive walk of the actress when she outs of the elevator. But also, the sublime touch when she puts the perfume on the neck, the always perfect and masterful pose when she is near the window, and undoubtedly the confident and passionate smile when she walks to the set.
Blake Lively with the golden dress in the campaign for the new Gucci fragrance
The golden dress for Blake Lively to the new campaign of Gucci
Blake Lively becomes the inspiration of Gucci and certainly the inspiration for any woman, who desires to be more than her simple self. Just wish and have ambition and confidence to do. The clue is here my dear, it’s in your hands now to be creative and have a seductive mind, grasp and explore … That perfection and seduction will begin…