Smiling queen, a crown of the red color
Fairytales: we all wish to be a part of one. But what does it take to celebrate life with luxury, surrounded by the crazy and wild life of an agenda full of bustle? What color combinations should we do? What clothes should we wear? For some, this is the topic of the day, 365 days a year. Any guess on who we are talking about? She is the majesty of a land and the majesty of her own wardrobe. Colors are her best friend and the combinations are always an exquisite result: not for the madness palette but for the homogeneous outcome. 60 years have gone by and Queen Elizabeth II is always a new theme for debate.
Queen Elizabeth II in sweet blue, surrounded by her usual elegance
Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton: clothes for the perfect royalty
Kate Middleton and the royal family: celebrating the crown and the elegant clothes
Kate Middleton: a detail of her fancy hat
Some say that “she sparkles away like mad” and that she is “extremely conscious about her clothes”. Her own signature is recognized in every magazine and her elegance is reason for many cheers. Vivid colors, the same palette and dozens of hats: things that are, for sure, her favorite items. Vivid shades and a lot adventure can easily be noticed by her strength and courage to wear many designs. The architecture of her clothes is the sculpture of a magnificent presence within the royal family. But the DNA does not lie and the fashion genes travel unavoidably from generation to generation.
The wedding of Queen Elizabeth II with Philip King Christian IX of Denmark
Prince William and Kate's wedding: the royal family, distinct and imposing
From Queen Elizabeth II to Kate Middleton, caprices are all reported by the media and consumed by the avid hunger of the public. Whether it’s a royal wedding or a simple event, royal family is synonymous of royal coverage. Expensive fabrics, sober but stylish outlines and lots of diamonds and gems are covering the magazines around the world. Their protagonists are under the media eyes and the collection of those moments is endless, like their taste for fashion and sophisticated outfits.
Queen Elizabeth II in white, complimenting the guards of the Royal Family
Tell us who is your preferred heroine within the royal family and send us your favourite outfit!
With love, Janet Morais