KOKET’s ambivalent new collection: exotic and soft

KOKET’s ambivalent new collection: both exotic and soft

KOKET’s ambivalent new collection: both exotic and soft
Can you tell the similarities between KOKET and Miyabi Casa? Besides their permanent pursuit of quality and refinement, I mean. Well, they have just become more alike – since KOKET created its last collection. Focused on soft goods, the EXOTIC OPULENC Collection offers a wide variety of pillows, throws and rugs whose gentle touch will leave absolutely no one indifferent.
The ideal description of KOKET’s new collection: exotic and soft
As usual, the products of the E.O. collection are highly desirable
Miyabi is the author of a whole sort of pillows
Velvet, fur… no matter what material you end up choosing, the result will be invariably the same: an intense feeling of comfort and well-being whenever you place your head against the pillow. They all own the form of a square as there is only one size available, 60 cm x 60 cm. Miyabi, on the other hand, offers the possibility of personalization, not only when it comes to the material, but also when it comes to the size. KOKET’s recently created set of rugs shows three different combinations: natural cow (in jet black, espresso or camel) with a metallic border in copper or bronze; jet black cow hide with a black leather cobra border; and, finally, jet black astrakhan. The size of the rugs will also be a choice of the client: they can measure 140 cm x 200 cm or, for those who prefer a larger product, 260 cm x 350 cm.
The provocative black leather cobra border
Three different types of combination to choose from
In the case of Miyabi, one can purchase from natural leather or fur rugs – whether made of astrakhan or natural cow hide, just like those of KOKET, or made of natural zebra, goat, rabbit skin and so on – to the classic ones. At Miyabi’s, the pillows derive from similar materials.
Miyabi: a classic and yet very modern brand
Miyabi offers a great variety of goods, from furniture to pillows and throws”.
By creating the “Exotic Opulence” collection, KOKET keeps on trying to fulfil the most ambitious and secret desires of women around the world. No other brand tries so hard to get to know the feminine spirit and to adequate its products to it. The softness of the pillows and throws that form the E.O. collection will allow women to dream like never before and will take them to places they did not know of.
The goal of the talented designers working on KOKET’s collections was always to set a correspondence between the products of the brand and the most recent trends of design, fashion and the decorative arts. By arranging this new collection and adding these beautiful “soft goods” to KOKET’s patrimony, they are one step closer to it. The pillows, throws and rugs resulting of their creativeness are very modern, suitable to the home of any sophisticated woman and – just like any other product of KOKET – highly desirable. These pictures are a proof of it. Only by looking at them, one can imagine how good it would be to touch and grab the fur against your skin. Don’t you agree?
Another fine detail
Fluffy materials are a constant aspect of the E.O. collection

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