Baccarat Crystal, since 1764

baccarat crystal chandelier history of the brand

Paris, Place des Etats-Unis, number 11. We are standing in front of one of the only two Baccarat Houses in the whole world. There, one will find the most exquisite and magnificent pieces of the company that has been improving its art of hand-crafting crystal ever since 1764.

The façade of the Baccarat House in Paris
The most exquisite pieces of Baccarat Crystal can be found here
A very refined brand for exquisite interiors

Before being turned into Baccarat’s HQ, this building belonged to Marie-Laure de Noailles (1902-1971), an unforgettable woman who threw the most luxurious parties and transformed her private mansion in the artistic centre of the city, by opening its doors to painters, writers and musicians. Every once in a while, Marie-Laure would reformulate the decoration of the house entirely, so that it could better reflect her state of mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same? Maybe not so often, but I will leave you with some tips, in case you are thinking of making some changes to the decoration of your own home.

Although they are not its only specialty, Baccarat Crystal has gain recognition due to its outstanding chandeliers

Baccarat is mostly known for its sumptuous crystal chandeliers. But they do not suit every room – or every wallet. The “Our Fire Lamp” is on the other hand a fine piece that will match almost anything. However, if you are looking for something more extreme, I would suggest the 16-lights “Ellipse Chandelier”, a beautiful object whose soft colour sort of disguises its imposing character.

Baccarat's Fire Lamp
Ellipse Chandelier

Baccarat Crystal is also responsible for a collection of glasses that will go with any personality. From colourful and with maximal detail designed glasses to unpretentious, traditional, crystal-clear ones, the offer is very wide.

Baccarat offers a very complete set of glasses

A piece which is totally capable of capturing one’s attention is the “Spirale Vase”. Its curves remind us of those supporting the INTUITION Dining Table, one of KOKET’s creations. A vase like this placed at the centre of the table would actually create a very interesting effect, namely an effect of continuity, as if the base of the table crossed its smoked glass top and kept going up towards the ceiling.

Spiral Vase and Intuition Dining table by KOKET | Love Happens

Animal lovers will also be pleased if they turn to this brand. Whether your favourite animal is a lion, a cat or a horse, you will be able to add a little reminder of it to the decoration of your house. But the one piece that really captivates people and seems to be the most successful is the butterfly. Available in a great variety of colours – blue, pink, yellow, purple and even a mixture of them all –, the “Lucky Butterfly” is an irresistible piece.

Lucky Butterfly in crystal

Candle holders, vases and mirrors are other examples of what Baccarat Crystal has created to be placed in harmony with its lamps. Owning a Baccarat’s piece is a privilege; owning two or more is an affirmation of good taste. Baccarat has been the supplier of national palaces, royal and presidential residences, mansions, theatres, French and Latin American Cathedrals and so on. But as you can see, with some adaptations and a little imagination, it can also be yours.

Crystal turns any place into a beautiful sight