TOP Trends: Peacock, a lightness lush

TOP trend: Peacock, a lightness lush

TOP trend: Peacock, a lightness lush
It’s one of the strongest trends of this Fall/Winter’s collections; welcome to the world of the exotic and opulent peacock. One trend that has appeared from time to time but never gone unnoticed and always created a fascination, last proved highly favourable in 2009. A trend undoubtedly extremely affirmative and extravagant, which might not please everyone by its imposing “exhibitionist” character, we say.
Peacock gorgeous dress
Gorgeous Hat with feathers
Whether you love it or not, is the TOP Trend of this fall; it has come to invade your wardrobe, your jewels and even your home. If you want to be fashionable, it is almost impossible to put aside the peacock, but also what is the point of doing it? The peacock has always been one of the few animals that symbolize luck, beauty and “status”, usually owned by the beautiful gardens of luxury mansions; stylish and desirable because of its exotic and inspiring colours. It is impossible not to enjoy the range of bright colours of its tail, especially when we are lucky enough to see one with a greenish mixture with plush golden.
Chopard’s watch
Peacock’s bag by Hermès
And the high-end fashion industry uses and abuses of these vibrant colours, elegant beauty and exquisite textures to create the new must haves of this season. Reknown names such as Proenza Schouler, Dior, Falguini & Shan, Chopard and Jonathan Saunders have filled the new collections with the lush of the peacock. We make here a special bow to the absolutely divine emerald green dress by Saunders.
Proenza Schouler
The jewels are other lucky victims of this trend. The prestigious brand Boucheroun presents The Plume of Paon, a necklace that is an interpretation of the old Point d’Interrogation, launched in 1883. An elegant and impressive jewellery that leads us immediately to the peacock’s tail, either because of the green emerald or its shape.
“The Plume of Paon” by Boucheroun
Not even the famous Hermès bags have escaped the beautiful peacock. However, more than fashion, we would like to show you the captivating and seductive touch that the peacock has also left in our homes. From cushions to tables, mirrors, carpets and cabinets homes are filling up with this trend. A sublime example that uses the famous peacock feathers in an extravagantly, but not exaggerated way, is the prestigious designer Sarah Louise. This new collection features two stately armchairs and each one is more tempting than the other. One leads us automatically to the peacock: all lined with the usual colours of his tail, above a bright green. The other is an intense blue that forces us to dive into a world of lust and desire. Lined with silk and blue feathers falling towards the ground.
Peacock chairs by Sarah Louise
And because of KOKET’s dead on instinct of trends to come and what people want, our gorgeous designers have anticipated the peacock trend last year, with the creation our beloved and exotic armoire DIVINE. This utterly desirable double door pagoda top armoire is covered in delicate iridescent peacock feathers each individually placed by hand. Ideal to keep your most exotic and precious clothes, shoes, or even act as your own personal Bar.
Divine armoire with peacock feathers by KOKET - Love Happens
The perfection and exuberance are taken to the extreme by some simple peacock feathers. Don’t you agree? The peacock trend in fashion is also highly popular among many British celebrities. Blake Lively, the new fashion reference, proves it with her dresses. Of which is to highlight the elegant black dress and transparent finishes with peacock feathers in shades of green. A breathtaking dress that shapes the sculptural forms of the young actress.
Blake Lively with a peacock dress
Have you ever gone through a peacock without stopping and admiring? Obviously not, which just proves that KOKET is and will continue to be, more than ever, the focus of admiring glances. The last time KOKET exhibited DIVINE was at Maison et Objet in Paris, next time… the world!