Now at the movies: Black Swan

Now at the movies: Swan Lake, the musical

Now at the movies: Swan Lake, the musical
One of the most respected musicals ever and one of the fastest to awaken feelings in viewers. “Swan Lake” the musical, now at the movies! Without a doubt it is the most important of all Romantic ballets, Swan Lake the perfect synthesis of music and choreography; harmony between light and delicate feminine gestures and musical notes; an extremely stunning work that leaves no one indifferent.
Swan Lake’s dance
BALLET 2 Pennsylvania Ballet Principal Dancers Riolama Lorenzo and Zachary Hench in Christopher Wheeldons Swan Lake photo by Paul Kolnik
Swan Lake by Dee Conway
This seductive Russian ballet of Tchaikovsky now comes into theaters in a 180-minute film by the hand of the producer Anthony Dowell. He aimed to return to the authentic version of the choreography created by Marius Petipa and the great Lev Ivanovfor at the Mariinsky Theatre in 1895.
Natalie Portman in white for the movie Black Swan
Scene of the movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman
A more serious note, tension, an intense look … a silence, a shiver. Everything ends in awe. Awe for the carefully thought details of this ancient dance. That’s exactly what makes it so exciting and magical. The harmony’s gesture between the dancers and the musical notes, the principal dancer’s step with the rest of the perfectly synchronized cast’s steps, the facial expression of the dancer that changes depending on his state of mind and of course, the whole story behind the piece.
Clothing’s details of Swan Lake
But of course we have to mention the sublime ballet clothing. In all dances, they are always beautiful and perfect, ready to spread magic and seduction. One of the design’s that has far most fascinated us in his work was undoubtedly Rodarte. When we recall the fragile beauty and rather crazy personality of the character played by Natalie Portman in her movie “Black Swan” with the musical passages, we simply go euphoric.

Of great admiration and recognition is also the scene’s setting. Yolanda Sonnabend’s designs draw on the Russian Imperial Court of that period with an inspired blend of historical details and gothic fantasy are engaging. The court scenes of Acts I and III have a dark glamour rooted in the opulent and sophisticated style of Carl Faberge, while the famous lakeside ‘white’ acts are rich with mist, shadow, and moonlight. A pure sweet fragility.
Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House
Although Tchaikovsky did not live to see the success of his work, we recognize and value it every moment through the chills and desires to be a swan. Deep down, we all have a bit of that double personality in us … Passionate and inspiring since its first appearance…

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