Christmas Decoration, tips by KOKET

Christmas Decoration tips by KOKET

Christmas Decoration tips by KOKET
The stores are rapidly filling up with decorative items for Christmas. The shopping centers are decorated with Christmas trees and giant wrapping. Red, gold and dark blue are everywhere. Christmas invades our homes without invitation…
Exotica Dressing Table by KOKET
But the KOKET team wishes you a different Christmas this year. A Christmas with attitude, elegance and sophistication. If it is customary to decorate the house with the typical Christmas tree and crib we suggest some changes. Keeping the tradition but adding originality, exoticism and class to your space.
Same details of Exotica Dressing Table by KOKET
There are many luxury design brands that have in their collections unique furniture pieces that look good in any home, especially in this festive season. We have been investigating the collections of these exclusive brands and we have selected some pieces that will make your home the most beautiful house this Christmas. And after that date, will remain as an unforgettable visual beauty. An exotic mood…
Side Table by Versace
One of the brands that we selected is worldwide known, it’s Versace with a golden sideboard artistically worked. This piece of furniture looks good in a large room and is even a good option to make the crib over it.
Porta Romana’s collection
Porta Romana is another of our options. One female brand that has always pursued to be exotic and sophisticated. Looking at the catalog of this brand, we selected two pieces that give a special touch to your Christmas. The Miro Drum Table with its golden tone and design with surrounding cuts is an interesting option to put in the middle of your living room with some chocolates on top. Guests will be delighted. We also propose the golden side table that although simple, is not without another side full of glamour and passion.
Table by Mattia Bonetti
A lovely table with jewels and golden roses, Mattia Bonetti is another option for this lovely Christmas. With a simple design it stands out from the crowd impressing by its details.
Snowflake Screen by Baker
To accompany your stunning and large Christmas tree, why not search within the magical and lovely collection of Baker and use their precious gold piece? The Snowflake Screen… But of course, dear readers as it would have to be to present KOKET options that can also add magic to your Christmas. If you truly wish to follow an exotic trend, we present the first of our Dressing Tables, EXOTICA, in golden polished brass and emerald-colored crystals; a visual shout out of feminine power. Because exoticism is charm, we also present INCANTO, a unique bench that is able to fit in ambience of your home following the rest of the house decor. Enchantment usually ends up on either side of guilt … GUILT is our last suggestion. A mirror built with sculptured gold tones of hammered and textured metal with a hint of hard edge surrounding a perfectly cut convex mirror.
Incanto Bench by KOKETExotica Dressing Table by KOKET
Guilt Mirror by KOKET
This is our exclusive and intensive selection to make your home and Christmas into something unique and exotic. Amaze your family and friends with something alluring and mesmerizing for your private interiors.