The Little Black Jacket, Chanel Photo Exhibition
High-end fashion has arrived to art galleries all around the world by the hands of the genius Karl Lagerfeld and the historic House of Chanel.
The Little Black Dress Photo Exhibition
The Little Black Dress, another version
Karl Lagerfeld
The Little Black Jacket is the photo exhibition that plays tribute to the forever-iconic Chanel’s black jacket designed in 1916 by our talented muse, Coco Chanel. Little did she know that almost a century later her design would be travelling in a world tour as the centrepiece of a photo session along with the most fashionable, eccentric and legendary celebrities from Sarah Jessica Parker to Lily Allen and the Fanning sisters.

Karl has managed to gather 113 of them wearing Chanel’s iconic little black jacket in a way that it seems to portray the extended family of Chanel. A “family man” is how ELLE has described Karl for choosing several family dynasties to participate in the photo sessions for the exhibition.
Chanel Photo Exhibition in an art gallery
Chanel Photo Exhibition in an art gallery, the photos
The opening happened in Tokyo back in March, and since then it has travelled to New York, Taipei and Hong Kong for the delight of fans, admirers and, I must say, myself. Yes, I had the pleasure to visit it when it passed by New York.
Making of the photo session
Making of the photos
Karl Lagerfeld at work
A model taking a break in the photo session
Legendary is the word that pops up in my mind every time I recall that day. It’s amazing how a fashion brand can enter into our homes, our minds and then takes over our souls and makes us feel part of a wider family of people in love of fashion, in awe for the classic creations of mademoiselle Coco Chanel and the work of the brilliant minds that followed her into creating a brand that is so much more than a name or a black jacket.
The Little Black Jacket
The Little Black Jacket, in different versions
It’s Chanel with a photo exhibition of “an extended family” wearing the same Little Black Jacket while still maintaining their identity and character through it. Yes, that’s what I said: legendary…