Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue

Powerful colors have made the trends for this season! Yellow, blue peacock and fuchsia were the best ones on fashion and interiors. Let the light and brightness of these colors come inside you.

Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue
Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue
Powerful color trends 2013.
Yellow, fuchsia and peacock blue, from fashion to interior design.
We have been showing you reviews on fashion trends but nothing from the Interior Design world yet. So we have decided to make a mix: from 2013 fashion color trends to the Interior Design trends of today. The powerful colors trends 2013: from fashion to interiors. Interesting right?
Fashion has always had a strong influence on the trends that surround us. And that it’s definitely true when it comes to interior design. Currently the fashion affects interior decoration in a way that many of us are unaware. The decorating magazines and interior design forced us to see the world with different eyes, including on its pages inspiration ideas based on fashion trends: clothing, jewelry, shoes, colors, so on, and also including the inspiring fashion websites and magazines related to each ambience. Several websites already invite users to create their own home based on their favorite outfits, favorite colors and make them use it as the first step for making the decoration of the space.
KOKET loves fashion as so we think that this interconnection is unbelievably delicious! Every day new ideas come by a serious look into the fashion world. They’re always ahead with the right moves. Fashion is obviously a great inspiration for KOKET upcoming products. In order to never stay outdated KOKET strictly follows all the news on fashion events and weeks. For the Spring/Summer 2013 color is up front. The world’s best fashion designers heavily used strong colors like yellow, fuchsia, and peacock blue.
I don’t know how the weather will be on you country, but you will definitely shine in yellow! Gucci, Dior, among other designers used this color in different approaches and shades.
Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue
As the best interior designers did…
Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue
Great yellow and blue colors on this hotel lobby.
Bretz Wohntraume with Swarovski crystals.
Peacock blue
The intense peacock blue sets perfect on lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana.
Peacock blue is an incredible color. It has inspired many designers in many areas like fashion or interior design. First thing that makes this blue so inspiring design-wise is, of course, a beautiful color scheme. On the fashion runways we saw Dolce & Gabbana delighting us with peacock on the latest runways for 2012/2013…
Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue
On Interior Design we are inspired by Breeze Giannasio’s timeless elegance…
Pink fuchsia

Burberry´s incredible model using strong color: fuschia.

Fuchsia is the perfect shot of color to brighten up our fall basics. It is back this season stronger than ever! Burberry and the Interior Designer Jonathan Berger don’t let us lie, this year they have also fallen in love with the magnificent fuchsia!
High gloss varnish reveals the many hues of the sultry satin being draped and adorned. Detailed stitching trails along the edges leading down a path to solid wood legs elegantly finished in gold leaf.
Now, we couldn’t leave this color behind without mentioning KOKET. And this spring, Fashion and Interior Designers have worked their magic on fuchsia and brought the femininity back to the world. All you need is a little fuchsia accent to brighten up the whole look. And we will help you on that. It is a pleasure to present you one of our Guilty Pleasures: the elegant Nessa chair that with very feminine traits portrays the actual modern women. The satin fabric in a calm and subtle pink tone, teases us with its sensuality and its refinement.
Color trends 2013: yellow, fuchsia, peacock blue
See you soon gorgeous with more guilty news and reviews for you!
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