Carey Mulligan’s Tiffany jewels for The Great Gatsby
The Roaring Twenties are definitely one of our favourite epochs. Watching back and appreciating the fabulous and sparkling outfits worn to parties, the dangerous car drives for measuring who is more powerful than the other… All the sensual and romantic songs about tragic love stories and affairs bring up another side of us that thrills when in danger and caught in the action. This time we are head over heals over the latest film that brings back all these memories and tunes to our ears: The Great Gatsby film, by the director Baz Luhrmann.
Carey Mulligan's Tiffany jewels for The Great Gatsby
For a closer look at this film’s plot and the fabulous Tiffany jewels have a look at this thrilling trailer:

The sumptuous fashion styles and the exuberant spirit of the Roaring twenties so characteristic of these years were excelled when the Director turned to Tiffany to help create the jewels. Tiffany’s spectacular and dazzling jewels have set the tone in this movie for the luxury, sparkling yet dangerous life of the main character Daisy Buchanan, played by the talented young actress Carey Mulligan.
Carey Mulligan's Tiffany jewels for The Great Gatsby
Carey Mulligan's Tiffany jewels for The Great Gatsby
And the soundtrack is just so dense and dark, it is simple delicious… Produced by the famous singer and musician Jay-Z, who was joined by the British singers Florence Welch and Emeli Sandé, who have recorded tracks for this eagerly anticipated film.
Actress Carey Mulligan in Tiffany jewelry created expressly for Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby.
A sketch for the Savoy headpiece from The Great Gatsby Collection.
Movies are fantastic in taking us away from our daily routine and allowing us to enter the skin of these wonderful and exquisite characters aren’t they? It’s hallucinating and liberating at the same time. Let’s wait for the movie release on May 10th and we’ll come back to you with our review… Have a fabulous weekend everyone!