How to break Stereotypes in Interior Design 

Today we want to show you a very different approach to the well-known theory of interior design. We’re often limited by the stereotypes and sometimes it’s hard to go beyond them. We’ve put together some examples of that kind of thinking and arguments that will surely convince you that it is worth to break it.

1) Paint the walls in a small room only with bright colors

It’s not always about enlarging the room. Sometimes we just want a unique, cozy, and maybe even sexy space. And nothing gives such a climate of mystery and sensuality as a dark color on the wall. The walls in black, navy blue or chocolate shades are a great background for soft fabrics, upholstered furniture and mood lighting. Sometimes it’s enough to paint one of the walls in a dark color to get the interesting effect of contrast and dynamics in the room.

2) Large furniture requires a large space

How to break Stereotypes in Interior Design

Intuition Dining Table by KOKET

Even in a small room you can use a large piece of furniture. One really big piece, such as sofa or a lamp, make the room look larger and more classy. Furthermore, it will be the element of surprise in the interior. Do not be afraid, a huge piece of furniture is very impressive!

3) Masculine and feminine colors

How to break Stereotypes in Interior Design

Nowadays, this distinction disappears completely. Historically, both the function and color differed spaces according to gender. Today, as every room in both men and women houses has a similar purpose, color is associated only with residents preferences. Assignment of muted, darker colors for men and brighter, lighter colors for women is falling into oblivion.

These are just a few constraints that you face during interior designing. The most important is to make a comfortable space and the better way of living for people who use them. So do not limit your creativity. Dare and experiment!

By Love Happens Fan: Blanka Kulik |