Decorating with white

Decorating with white
Pure, pristine, and always chic, white rooms make a dramatic impact. Varying tones, textures, shapes and prints of white  is an excellent way to add contrast in an all-white room. There are no rules regarding this – an all-white vase collection looks striking no matter where you put it. On the walls, with furniture, even for your floors—brightens a room, creates the illusion of a larger space, and highlights everything around it.  White can suit any taste or style, whether yours is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between.
Let us show you how you can decorate with white tons. You’ll see how an easy, chic way will change how you feel at home.
White Light-Filled Living Rooms
Designer Myra Hoefer breaks up the pairs with different Brancusi-esque side tables, from West Elm, for more interest. She had the antique claw-foot coffee table and the pedestals for the vintage French torchères lacquered in white to match. The 13-foot sofa is slipcovered in Romo Esina linen; the Louis XV—style chairs are covered in Summer Hill‘s La Donna.

Decorating with white
Soft and Subtle White Palette
A monochromatic palette works best when there are lots of textures to catch the eye, like the Pipa cocktail tables in cast resin by Oly, with their filigree effect. Hoefer prefers lamps to overhead lights and does them with “huge lampshades that give you a sense of the moon.” Custom tufted sofas covered in Rogers & Goffigon’s Somerset linen, in Marble. Bora Bora jute rug from Merida Meridian. White is known for opening up even the smallest, darkest spaces.
Decorating with white-03
Decorating with white-04
Serenity White
Kerry Joyce gave the master bath a sense of serenity with a pale palette and inviting vintage-style tub. Sheer white curtains frame a balcony that overlooks the Pacific.
Decorating with white
Let yourself be inspired by this color that, when well applied, will bright any room of your home.

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