Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
Interview of one our favorite Interior Designers, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, by the trade show Decorex International. Can’t wait to check their Champagne bar at the show… We hope we can meet the team in London soon!
Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
“In this week’s industry profile, we discuss life and design through the eyes of Martin Brudnizki. As a designer renowned for his work within the hospitality sector, Martin’s name is synonymous with luxury club and bar interiors designed with passion and flair. Originating from Sweden, Martin moved over to London over a decade ago, and has been taking the interior design world by storm ever since. As the designer of this year’s iconic Decorex Champagne Bar, we wanted to learn more about this sought after industry figure.
How did you first get into the interior design industry?
I grew up in Sweden surrounded by design and then moved to London to study interior Architecture. My mother is most certainly one of my greatest influences, she has impeccable taste.
Who would you say is your biggest inspiration as a designer?
Working with enthusiastic clientsis always inspiring as it makes each project a new experience. It’s invigorating when a client has a story to tell as this brings so many interesting dimensions to a project.
Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
What is the highlight of your career so far?
I’m lucky to be at a point in my career where every project I take on is unique and exciting. Each has its own highlight which I can take away as a memorable experience.
What is the biggest challenge you face in hospitality design in particular?
Keeping up! Things move very quickly and I work on several different projects at once so I have to ensure that I keep mentally focused and physically fit.
Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
You are currently developing a range of interior products, could you tell us a little about these?
I can’t say too much about this at the moment other than that I’m working on a series of lighting fixtures.
If you could describe your work in 3 words, what would they be?
Sophisticated, modern, efficient.
Martin Brudnizki Champagne Bar Decorex 2013
If you could design a space anywhere, where would it be?
This is a difficult one. I love working with buildings that have a strong sense of heritage and I look forward to working on more of those kinds of projects.
You have a relationship with Decorex, as this year’s Champagne Bar designer. If you could sum the show up in 20 words what would they be?
I can do it in 3 words for you…Extraordinary, exciting and eclectic.
What was the inspiration behind this year’s champagne bar at Decorex?
It’s all about construction.
As a renowned figure within the industry, what would your advice be for aspiring designers?
My advice would probably come down to one word and that is ‘analyse’. No matter whether you are starting out or you are an established designer, you have to do your research. Never copy and always be on the pulse of what is happening around you.”
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