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Luxury Travel Destinations - New York | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
New York City is an huge city. So you may wanna take it easy and book the trip for a couple of days. Its not a mystical city or full of history, but it’s for of the present! In every corner there is a novelty and if you could you would wish to never sleep so you could keep up with the city that never sleeps.
New York City is the most populous city in the United States, so don’t count on seeing the same face twice, and if you do… it may be a love story there. The city lies at the mouth of the Hudson River and one of the thinks you don’t want to miss there is the Liberty Statue, even if only to take a picture and make your friends jealouse. And of course do whatever you do … go to the 5th Avenue and buy yourself a gift (I would suggest you to visit Saks).
New York City is a center for media, culture, food, fashion, art, research, finance, and trade. It has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building. “I want to be a part of it, New York, New York”
 Luxury Travel Destinations - Paris | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Whether it’s a riverside vista that takes in the Seine, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Eiffel Tower, or the view of elegant buildings and mansard roofs from a hotel room window, it doesn’t take much to convince anyone that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. The French capital’s embarrassment of riches is unsurpassed. Whether you opt to explore the historic, fashion-conscious, bourgeois, or bohemian (check out some of the most in bars of the moment there here) and arty sides of Paris, one thing is certain, the City of Light will always enthrall. Check out our detailed city guide here.
Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations - Cairo | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
You must have read my trip to Egipt but I’ll briefly talk about Cairo. On first impression, there is hardly a superlative too extreme to capture the epic scale of this city of some 15 million, or 14, or 16; no one really knows for sure—that sprawls in all directions. The traffic, the people, the chaotic rhythm of Cairo will all reinforce this impression, threatening to overwhelm you. So take your time, relax over a mint tea in a café, or wander the quiet back alleys, and a different world will be revealed to you. In many ways Cairo is the proverbial overgrown village, full of little districts and communities that feel much smaller and more intimate than the city of which they’re part.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Bali | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Have you ever been to Bulgari Hotel at Bali? Bali really is as alluring as everyone says. This island, only slightly bigger than Delaware, has it all: beaches, volcanoes, terraced rice fields, forests, renowned resorts, surfing, and world-class dive sites. But what sets Bali apart from other nearby tropical destinations is Balinese tradition, and villagers dedicated to celebrating it. The hundreds of temples, dances, rituals, and crafts linked to their ancient Hindu faith aren’t a show for tourists, but a living, breathing culture in which visitors are warmly received by the Balinese, who cherish their own identities. Snakes in the garden, including commercialism and traffic, diminish but don’t destroy Bali’s charm.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Sydney | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Forget the Kangurus, Sydney belongs to the exclusive club of cities that generate excitement. At the end of a marathon flight there’s renewed vitality in the cabin as the plane circles the city, where thousands of yachts are suspended on the dark water and the sails of the Opera House glisten in the distance. Blessed with dazzling beaches and a sunny climate, Sydney is among the most beautiful cities on the planet.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Istanbul | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Straddling Europe and Asia, Istanbul—once known as Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine and then the Ottoman Empire—has for centuries been a bustling and cosmopolitan crossroads. But what’s more striking than the meeting of East and West is the juxtaposition of the old and the new, tradition and modernity. Brash concrete-and-glass hotels and office towers creep up behind historic old palaces, women in jeans or elegant designer outfits pass others wearing long skirts and head coverings, donkey-drawn carts vie with battered old Fiats and shiny BMWs for dominance of the noisy, narrow streets, and the Grand Bazaar competes with Western-style boutiques and shopping malls. At dawn, when the muezzin’s call to prayer rebounds from ancient minarets, there are inevitably a few hearty revelers still making their way home from nightclubs and bars while other residents kneel on their prayer rugs facing Mecca. What a wonderful city of contrasts that manage to coexist.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Venice | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Venice is called La Serenissima, “the most serene,” a reference to the majesty, wisdom, and impressive power of this city that was for centuries the leader in trade between Europe and the Orient, and a major center of European culture. Built entirely on water by a people who saw the sea as a defense and ally, Venice is unlike any other town. No matter how often you’ve seen it in photos and films, the real thing is more dreamlike than you could ever imagine.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Tokyo | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
While there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Tokyo for days, the urge to get out and explore beyond the city limits should not be ignored. The city’s a great base for numerous day trips including visits to the iconic Fuji-san (Mt. Fuji) in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, one of Japan’s most popular resort areas; Nikko, a popular vacation destination for Tokyo residents and the home of Tosho-gu, the astonishing shrine to the first Tokugawa shogun Ieyasu; the ancient city of Kamakura which has great historical and cultural sights; and Yokohama, a port city with an international character all its own—it’s home to the country’s largest Chinatown.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Budapest | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Budapest offers breathtaking Old World grandeur and thriving cultural life. Situated on both banks of the Danube River, the city unites the colorful hills of Buda and the wide, businesslike boulevards of Pest. Much of the charm of a visit to Budapest lies in unexpected glimpses into shadowy courtyards and in long vistas down sunlit cobbled streets. Although some 30,000 buildings were destroyed during World War II and in the 1956 Revolution, the past lingers on in the often crumbling architectural details of the antique structures that remain.
Luxury Travel Destinations - Dubai | Top 10 Luxury Travel Destinations
Dubai sits on a golden sandy coastline in the Arabian Gulf, where the warm azure waves of the sea meet the desert. A high-rise oasis, this city is a pleasure-dome surrounded by dunes; one of the most fashionable on the planet thanks to its ability to satisfy the needs of legions of demanding vacationers. Dubai is about having fun—and it’s one big adult playground… The new and improved Vegas I would say.
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