Fine Art – Top 15 Artists – Chuck Close
This Tuesday, we are talking about 1 of top 15 artists recognized for its fine art. The previous artists were Henri Cartier-Bresson and Lillian Bassman.
Due to their talent, life and the power to impress us they are a inspiration and deserve be known.
Fine Art – Top 15 Artists – Chuck Close
Chuck Close, american painter and printmaker, studied (1960–65) at the University of Washington, Seattle, at Yale University and at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna.
Fine Art – Top 15 Artists – Chuck Close
During this period he painted biomorphic abstract works, influenced by the avant-garde American art of the previous two decades. After a brief experiment with figurative constructions, he began copying black-and-white photographs of a female nude in colour on to canvas.
Kate Moss with watercolor pigment by Chuck Close | Fine Art – Top 15 Artists – Chuck Close
Finding this subject too ‘interesting’, he turned to neutral, black-and-white head-and-shoulder photographs as models, which he again reproduced in large scale on canvas, as inSelf-portrait.
Chuck Close self portrait | Fine Art – Top 15 Artists – Chuck Close
Mr. Close incorporated every detail of the photograph and allowed himself no interpretative freedom. Working from photographs enabled him to realize the variations in focus due to changing depth of field, something impossible when working from life.
Hydrangea pigment print by Chuck Close | Fine Art – Top 15 Artists – Chuck Close
Lucas 2011 by Chuck Close
He continued in the black-and-white style until 1970, when he began to use colour again. With a similarly limited range of model photographs, he experimented with various types of colour marking.Sienna 2013 watercolor pigment print by Chuck Closekeith random fingerprint by Chuck Close
Other techniques included the use of fingerprint marks and pulp paper fragments. This concern with modes of representation links him to conceptual art as well as, more obviously, to Photorealism.
Chuck Close instalation view of recent work
His work surely causes an impact with all the expressions he represents in every piece. He worked with real celebrities and famous people like Kate Moss, Brad Pit, Bill Clinton and even the President of United States Barack Obama.
Kate Moss by Chuck Close 2006
Brad Pit pigment print by Chuck Close
Bill Clinton paint by Chuck Close
President Barack Obama portrait by Chuck Close
Next week we will present the American sculptor Louise Nevelson. Next in a list we have names like Jim Dine, Marcel Duchamp, Tracey Emin, Donald Judd, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, Herb Ritts, Edward Ruscha, John Singer Sargent, James Turrell and Andy Warhol.