Celebrities Style: It's a Koket's World

"Celebrities fashion style in koket's world"

Celebrities Style: It’s a Koket’s World
Being in the spotlight challenges most celebrities to wear clothes and choose a style that reflect their personality and show off their individuality. Koket’s World works the same way: each single piece embrace its own personality and concept. Today we’ll show you how your favourite celebrities and their style fit perfectly into Koket’s World.
"Paris Hilton and Koket's Mademoiselle Armoire" | Celebrities Style: It's a Koket's World
Paris Hilton may be an heiress, but she certainly doesn’t have stuffy style. Her playfully-patterned sundresses and coordinated accessories are festive, flirty, and feminine! She’s totally into our Koket’s world. Such as Paris, our Mademoiselle Armoire is festive and girly and definitely transport you to another world in a crazi beautiful kind of way. Butterfly design and handler in polished brass over a silk lining opening to an interior covered in gold leaf with high-gloss varnish, 9 antique mirror drawers and 2 adjustable glass shelves.
"Victoria Beckham and Koket's Colette Sofa" | Celebrities Style: It's a Koket's World
A powerful figure in the fashion industry and hugely influential style icon, Victoria Beckham has an amazing fashion style either classic or casual chic. She would look amazing sitting on this Colette Sofa, don’t you think? Its vibe is flirty, a little delicate, ever so slightly vintage. Fully upholstered tight back sofa with an elegant lacquered band leading to a sleek and elegant feet.
"Angelina Jolie and Koket's Forbidden Bed" | Celebrities Style: It's a Koket's World
Angelina Jolie, the leggy lady, stole the show on the red carpet at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in a black velvet gown with a thigh high split. Koket’s world brings to you the Forbidden Bed, which certainly embodies all that is sultry seductive. Angelina, well-known by her sensuous lips, embrace the style of this incredible piece, which lead to enticement and temptation just like a magnificent moment that never ends.
"Lady Gaga and Koket's Nymph Chandelier" | Celebrities Style: It's a Koket's World
It’s hard to remember a time before meat dresses, nipple covers as tops and extreme hair topiary.  There’s never a day when Lady Gaga wears just an outfit; the First Lady of Pop only ever wears creations. She definitely creates her own wild and whimsical style. That’s why she totally fits our Nymph Chandelier concept. It embraces the wild side of butterflies which create an harmonious and overblown dramatic silhouette and give shape to this luxurious golden chandelier.
"Anna Wintour and Koket's Desire Sofa" | Celebrities Style: It's a Koket's World
Anna Wintour‘s personal style has always been polished and ladylike, and the Vogue editor has only become more refined over the years. She’s known to embrace smart tweeds, stunning frocks and luxe necklaces. Wearing this beautiful dress combined with that golden necklace she would look lovely sitting on this provocative fully upholstered sofa, the Koket’s Desire Sofa. A matt gold hammered band outlines its curves the way the mind outlines the female desire.


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