TOP 20 Celebrity New Year's Eve Hangover Cures

20 celebrity hangover cures

TOP 20 Celebrity New Year’s Eve Hangover Cures
First of all KOKET’s wish you an amazing first day of the year. We were thinking in what to share with you in 2014 first day.
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So last night you had a blast, and this morning you want to crawl into a hole and die? Been there, done that, we feel your pain. But lets forget about us. Why not try to beat the first hangover of the year with some trusty advice from tipple loving celebs from then and now. From the healthy approach to the greasy fry up, here are 20 hangover solutions to help you start 2014 without a pounding headache.
The Hair of the Dog Approach:
TOP 20 Celebrity New Year's Eve Hangover Cures
Nigella Lawson
My hangover cure is the ‘prairie oyster’, which consists of an egg yolk, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, brandy and vinegar. You have to swallow it down in one gulp.
Russell Crowe
Get going again with tequila on the rocks. If you only drink that stuff, you won’t get a hangover in the first place!
Anthony Burgess
Hangman’s Blood – Into a pint glass, doubles of the following are poured: gin, whisky, rum, port and brandy. A small bottle of stout is added and the whole topped up with Champagne … It tastes very smooth, induces a somewhat metaphysical elation, and rarely leaves a hangover.
Jim Morrison
The Ramos Gin Fizz, a mix of gin, lemon juice, lime juice, egg white, sugar, cream, orange flower water, and soda water.
Ernest Hemingway
Take a tall thin water tumbler and fill it with finely cracked ice. Lace this broken debris with 4 good purple dashes of Angostura, add the juice and crushed peel of 1 green lime, and fill glass almost full with Holland gin … No sugar, no fancying. It’s strong, it’s bitter — but so is English ale strong and bitter, in many cases. We don’t add sugar to ale, and we don’t need sugar in a Death in the Gulf Stream — or at least not more than 1 tsp. Its tartness and its bitterness are its chief charm. It is reviving and refreshing; cools the blood and inspires renewed interest in food, companions and life.
Zelda Fitzgerald
Zelda’s hangover cure was a morning swim, before mixing her drinks and repeating the entire routine all over again.
Kingsley Amis
A mixture of Bovril — a salty meat extract — and vodka to set you back on the right path.
Cameron Diaz
I have an Egg McMuffin and a beer. You need to drink more of the alcohol you’ve killed yourself with – the classic hair of the dog.
Julia Roberts
The secret is to find a balance between champagne and carrot juice. It works for me when I alternate between the two.
Dean Martin
Stay Drunk
The healthy approach
20 celebrity hangover cures from zelda Fitzgerald to Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe
Erin O’Connor
I love – and can’t live without – Pukka Detox tea. It works every time. They also do an organic Clean Greens range, which is fabulous.
Gordon Ramsay
I do occasionally overindulge, especially at this time of year. I’ll get a cab home, safe in the knowledge that my wife Tana will have bought in all the ingredients for a kedgeree to fend off the next morning’s hangover.
Kate Hudson
I’ll drink lots of tomato juice, eat fresh fruit and an avocado and take loads of vitamins!
Daniel Craig
You’re best off sweating it out after a heavy night. I find if I really can’t force myself to work out and get my body moving, a stint in the sauna is the best way to go.
Simon Cowell
I don’t actually drink much at all, but I do get horrendous hangovers. I tend to get plenty of exercise and drink plenty of fruit juice.
Christian Bale
Running is actually a great cure for a hangover. It’s hideous for a few minutes but it does cure it.
Greasy Food Approach
20 celebrity hangover cures from zelda Fitzgerald to Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe
Jamie Oliver
I recommend a double portion of eggs and bacon.
Kate Winslet
A sausage and bacon sarnie usually does it for me. I also have a big glass of orange juice and a sugary cup of tea. The combination perks you up.
Renee Zellweger
A full English breakfast is good, or beans on toast. That kind of food does the trick for me.
Judy Garland
It is said that in old Hollywood producers used to treat their stars who had been on a binge with high fat content food.
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