The hottest color trends for 2015

The hottest color trends for 2015
2015 just started and it’s time for you to think about redecorate your home with the newest furniture trends for the year. The colors are one of the most important aspects to have in consideration and one of the trends protagonists. KOKET Love Happens made a selection of colors that will make a diference this year.
You can use this trendy colors in your furniture, in the decoration details or even in your walls. You just have to know how to apply them so you can bring the design trends to your home decoration.
Take a look at the color trends and get some home decorating ideas:

Warm Colors

2015 Colors for your Home - Warm Colors
Warm colors are back to give life to your home. Yellow, red, strong pink and orange are the protagonists for the next year living room, bedroom and dining room.
The hottest color trends for 2015
Not only the walls can be the perfect place to use this colors, but also sofas or chairs like Chandra by KOKET.

Greek Blue

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and Greek landscape of Santorini, this rich and fabulous color looks amazing when paired with pink or grey.
The hottest color trends for 2015
It is a perfect choice for a sofa, a dining chair and even for a wall.
A great exemple is this hand painted cabinet by Boca do Lobo, blends very well with the blue tones.

Olive Green

2015 Colors for your Home - Olive Green
Olive Green is a synonym of warm, organic, and neutral and looks good with  almost any other color you pair with it.
The hottest color trends for 2015
You can apply it on your walls – you can paint a wall in your living room, for example, or choose a nice and trendy wallpaper with olive details – or use it on your furniture. This color is a great choice for kitchens because it’s very organic and natural.


This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors. This new trend is all about a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.
The hottest color trends for 2015
Marsala look amazing in pieces with polished brass finishes like the Mademoiselle armoire, the Enchanted chair or the Chandra chair. The golden tones of KOKET‘s finishes give this color the push it need to be outstanding as soon as you enter a room.
The hottest color trends for 2015
This is the perfect color to use in sofas, benches and decoration details and you can combine it with black and white. Don’t wait any longer and start searching for products with this color to update your home decoration!
If you need more inspirations and ideas about this fantastic color, check out or board on pinterest.

Neutral Gray

The gray becomes the hottest neutral color of trends, being mandatory in sober and contemporaneous home projects. You can choose have a total gray room or you can just bet on some furniture pieces, as a console, a dining table or a bed.
The hottest color trends for 2015

Pastels Tones

The Pastel Colors are always a good option for a room that you want that seems pretty and quiet. The mint green and the pale pink looks so good together. This trending of colors reminds me  LA in the 80’s, with orange and purple sunsets, pink flamingos and blue pools.
The hottest color trends for 2015
Pastels are always a trend. This soft colors are specially used in the bedroom because it creates a dreamy ambiance, which is perfect for a good night of sleep.
The hottest color trends for 2015
And you have a lot of color options: from purple, blue, pink, yellow, nude and white – all in its the soft tones, of course!
Check out this article for more ideas and inspirations on the topic.
So, this are some of the colors that will invade the house decoration in the next year. Start right know preparing your home make over.