Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK

Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK
Home of some of the best interior designers in the world, UK’s interior designers offer a worldwide known interior design services for an international and prestigious clientele.
Working creatively to create ambitious and bold contemporary interiors, this interior designer’s selection really tries to show what the United Kingdom has best in terms of creativity.
Staffan Tollgard
Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK
Having been raised in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, Staffan’s personal style is born out of Scandinavian and Asian functionalism. He uses the Swedish expression of the ‘red thread’ to explain the design narrative that underpins every project
Helen Green
Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK
Helen Green Design is a comprehensive design company encircling interior design, interior architecture and a variety of bespoke British-made furniture and known for creating superbly crafted interiors.
David Collins
Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK
Established in 1985, David Collins Studio is an architectural based consultancy which has redefined luxury interior design on a global scale.
Simon Rawlings is creative director of David Collins Studio. Throughout his 16 years with the company, he has been essential in defining and implementing the studio´s creative vision, working in close alliance with David Collins and the creative team.
Juliette Byrne
Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK
Juliette’s Chelsea-based architectural interior design consultancy has established a reputation for creating graceful and sophisticated interiors which merge the classic with the contemporary.
Whether coordinating a building site, managing an office of designers, liaising with leading architects and surveyors or managing clients’ property portfolios, Juliette’s competence and attention to detail has been a driving force in her 25-year career as an architectural interior designer.
Her philosophy that nothing is too much trouble coupled with an aptitude to finding opportunities within space and existing designs, where others might see flaws, helps bring clients back in time and again.
Expect serene interiors, often executed with a muted palette, specially designed bespoke furniture, and a deft blend of old and new.
Martin Brudnizki
Best Interior Designers of 2015 in the UK
Martin Brudnizki Design Studio is one of the leading interior architecture and design practices in the industry.
The Studio’s success rests in their considered approach to every project. Taking the utmost respect for a client’s brief and the unique character of the area or street in which a project is sited, they are able to ensure that the finished product not only sits well within its environment, but also meets the needs and expectations of the client. A winning combination which has translated perfectly to projects ranging from luxury restaurants, hotels and private clubs to large scale residential developments and private homes.
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