Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger’s Opulent Project

Love happens when opulent items meet high end and elegant design. Today we are going to introduce you to one of our favorite interior designers in Europe. Elke Altenberger grew up in Salzburg, Austria, in a well known family of entrepreneurs and has managed the family business successfully over the years. Going to the International Hotel school, Elke started her career in pursuing various management activities by leading hotels in London, the Caribbean and France.

Ten years later, she left the family business of follow her studies at the University of Perugia, Italy and several artistic projects in Germany in cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

After several international projects in Arts Management she went to Vienna where she developed specialized training in the field of interior design, planing and product design. 

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

Nowadays she is celebrating ten years of successfully leading international design brands to leave their mark in the interior design industry. She has become an independent entrepreneur and empowering woman on the field of operating a network of leading architects and interior design offices.

Leaving her life between Paris, Milan, Basel and Cologne, her work is focused on an ambitious costumer relation in Greater Austria, focusing in the cosmopolitan Vienna. She has made an established business in the city for the last 20 years, bringing together a blend of tradition and modern design in a special and unique way of interior decoration that reflects on her interior design projects.

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

Elke Altenberger realized her special talent to provide to her customers a unique and individual service with the artistic sensitivity, creativity and high quality that no one else could. For her, costumer satisfaction and relation is the key, “because living is a very personal confession that represents their own spatial and spiritual mind to refine and again to discover.”

Love Happens talked with Elke and asked her a few questions about inspirations, ideas and plans for the future.

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

How and why did you get into the interior design Industry?

Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

In this project Elke included Mandy Stool by KOKET.

Ever since, I was interested in creative and conceptual work. My family is running a big Hotel in the heart of Austria and several restaurants. Permanent reinvestment in quality, updates in decoration of all guest areas is a standard for us. So art, decoration, permanent refurbishment and a ‘leading touch‘ vis-à-vis our clients is kind of genetically in me. More and more I then wanted to run my own creative company….
How would you describe your style? Do you have a signature touch?
Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project
Well I hope I do not disappoint you by saying the clients’ need and expectation is in the focus of my efforts and creations. But I often go to their limits and exceed them tenderly to build up a kind of sensible and understandable innovation potential. Innovation is kind of eternal youth and attraction.
Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about? Any new projects?
Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project
Vienna is great as far as the diversity and versatility of different taste, hospitality and generosity is concerned. It is I think the fastest growing city in Europe and a very high potential of living expenses. The city is beautiful and has an unbelievable history of arts. I love these resulting and inviting variations. We do not stick to a certain project category and so make small and eclectic apartments as well as very traditional residents. Currently I love projects for which the classic architectural expression is sometimes too cold and pure – we heat them up. A bigger project is too more cooperate with media to let the Austrians know that Interior Design & Architecture is practically always both substantially saving money as well as receiving a close living interpretation of the best of the client’s personality.
What do you love about being a designer?
Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project
It is what I am in my total fulfilling expression.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project
Art, Web, Fairs, exhibitions, the personality of my customers, the people I am together with privately, my family, my education and internationality…..
Which major international events do you attend to get all the latest novelties?
Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

On the same project we can also see the Trinity Console by Boca do Lobo

Paris Maison et objet, London Decorex, London focus, London 100% design, Milano Salone Mobile, and various city tours and the best of my suppliers ….
Which design brands do you love the most?
Currently my Portuguese supplies like KOKET, Boca do Lobo, Brabbu, Delightful, Maison Valentina, as well as Sigmal2, Porta Romana, Dedar, Rubelli, best of Austrian carpenters, Jacob Schlaepfer, Bretz, Sicis, Meystyle, Jan Kath Style carpets,…
Which colors, textures and techniques do you prefer in furniture design?
Top Designers* Behind Elke Altenberger's Opulent Project

In this project is also featured the stunning Guilt Mirror by KOKET

This depends entirely on the client – we work around this thread. We know the fashion lead but we mostly follow our own inspirations…
What is your philosophy on design and life?

This sounds boring: Perfect offer for service and attendance, best organization and reliability – otherwise I cannot sleep well. Quality, Quality and Quality in all details of my work … and this means not just necessarily to orient on the most expensive. … and respect in front of individuality which I require and grant..
Describe yourself in three words.
Do your best!
All images by Josef Traxler. All designs by Elke Altenberger
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