How to live like a Billionaire

How to live like a Billionaire
Fast cars, pretty women, champagne – Get inside the luxurious life of a billionaire with KOKET.
What would you prefer – a Louboutin or a Lamborghini? To hang out in clubs in Monaco or do a trip around the world in private jets and 5 star hotels? We are going to teach you how to live the luxury life like you never imagined. So hang on to your Santoni bag and enjoy the ride.
How to live like a Billionaire
KOKET’s luxury lifestyle 101 is about to start and the glamorous life you eager to have is almost here. Is it your dream to become one of the most successful people on this world? Well, hard work comes with perks. One of them is to be able to win your own money and spend it right.
How to live like a Billionaire
Nowadays, the idea of a home town boy in America to become a billionaire is a bit lost. Girls do not dream about a Hugh Hefner any more. They dream about an Arabic prince that will take them on a one thousand and one dreamy nights.
How to live like a Billionaire
Love Happens gives you some ideas on how to spend your money right on high end luxury goods that you will keep for life and with style.
1. The car
How to live like a Billionaire
1. Aston Martin and James Bond is a combination which has left an indelible mark on popular culture. A car that goes around 200.000.000 USD, is just the right amount of thrill you need in your life.
2. Luxury Goods
How to live like a Billionaire
2. Armand de Brignac – If you are going in this lifestyle, you just need the best of the best. And the best champagne for you is the best in the world. The richest people in the world, for exemple the rapper Jay Z, can not live without it anymore. Price per bottle – 900,00$
3. Gia by KOKET – Created by the designer Andre Teoman, Gia by KOKET is one of the best luxury goods you could have in your home. Inspired by a bouquet of flowers, this delicate piece breathes class and glamour. Price – $ 8.970,00
4. Audemars Piguet – One of the most famous watches, were by Michael Schumacher. This is the star on luxury watches that you do not want to miss. The price for this beauty is around $20.000,00
5. Crochet by Boca do Lobo – We all know when you think of Portugal you think of one of the most amazing luxury brands in the world – Boca do Lobo. Created with ancient Portuguese techniques, Crochet is a must have in your living room. Price – $25.000,00
6. Catlin by Minotti – This amazing table give you that black and gold touch you just need in your life.
7. Diamond by Maison Valentina – This marble bathtub just transmits power and opulence that you need in your bathroom. Price around – $40.000,00
Source: Wohn! Design Sonderheft
How to live like a Billionaire
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