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Based in Paris, Jean Louis Deniot is one of the world’s preeminent talent in architecture and interior design. His décors are his playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Recognized worldwide for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires: both informal and bold; or a contemporary style yet always with a weighty dose of history.
Her projects mainly affect private properties and commercial spaces for clients located around the world: Paris, Corsica, London, Monaco, Milan, Capri, Colombia, Istanbul, Dubai, Moscow, New Delhi, Aspen, New York, Chicago Bora Bora among others.
In this article we share three lovely projects designs made by Jean Louis Deniot.

PARIS – Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement

projects by Jean Louis Deniot
Elegant living room- PARIS -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement
Modern living room
Modern living room – PARIS -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement
Modern living room Jean Louis Deniot
Bright room -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement
Jean Louis Deniot Kitchen 2
Sophisticated kitchen – PARIS -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement
Jean Louis Deniot office
Modern office – PARIS -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement
bedroom jean-louis-deniot
Master Bedroom – PARIS -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement
bathroom jean-louis-deniot
Bathroom – PARIS -Avenue D’Eylau: Apartement

LOS ANGELES – Doheny drive – Propriete

Livingroom 3
Living Room – LOS ANGELES – Doheny drive – Propriete
Dining room 3
Modern Dining Room- LOS ANGELES – LOS ANGELES – Doheny drive – Propriete
Bedroom 3
Beautiful bedroom – LOS ANGELES – Doheny drive – Propriete
bathroom 3
Bathroom – LOS ANGELES – Doheny drive – Propriete

NYC – 5Th Avenue


projects by Jean Louis Deniot living room 5

Elegant Living Room – NYC – 5th Avenue

 living room

Living Room – NYC – 5th Avenue

bedroom jean-louis-deniot 2
Master Bedroom – NYC – 5th Avenue
Kitchen 4
Kitchen – 5th Avenue
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