5 Unexpected Tips to Decorate with Patterned Wallpaper


5 Unexpected Tips to Decorate with Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper: Butterflies on Gate Magenta

5 Unexpected Tips to Decorate with Patterned Wallpaper
The seasons are changing and so are the wallpaper trends. KOKET offers wide varieties of lavish, decadent, and empowering wallpaper tips to revamp today’s design world.Everyday the creative teams of designers are living outside of the imaginative box to constantly generate patterned wallpaper. These consist of the Iridescent Peacock Feathers to Butterflies on Gate Magenta. These wallpaper ideas are the IN’s for fashion and interiors. Wallcoverings are NOT just for the walls in the design world due to the decadence of wallpaper design being created each and every second. There are fresh and innovative designs brought to life everyday! KOKET wants to help bring dreams to a reality within individual spaces with trending wallpaper.

Wallpaper Design by Osborne & Little

This designer does an excellent job by using patterned wallpaper in a dressing room to bring delight and interest into the room. This wallpaper pattern refreshes the room! This is a top Wallpaper design for KOKET.

KOKET often finds that there is always at least one patterned wallpaper that should be portrayed to become the main focal point in the room. This idea will make the space interesting, BOLD, and cutting-edge. This wallcovering creates a natural, textural look with organic forms.

Trending Wallpaper for Spring 2016

This patterned wallpaper is fully covering each and every inch of space. KOKET believes this can apply to a study area, bedroom, office space, or even a bathroom. By using wallpaper trends, will add conversation, depth, and an aesthetically pleasing look to the space.

Patterned Wallpaper brings the Caprichosa Sofa to life

Interior Designers really pay attention to detail when looking for inspiring wallpaper design. We want to inspire others to make a space look very impactful and daring, since these are wallpaper trends. The picture above, brings the patterned wallpaper to life behind the Caprichosa Sofa.

Every wallpaper design adds distinctive characteristics and features to a space. Patterned Wallpaper needs to enhance interest, excitement, and attractiveness to all aspects of the design space. This could include framing your favorite wallpaper design or even creating a jaw-dropping space that’s the next big talk of the town! This shows an amazing job by framing the wallpaper pattern to give a different meaning to what a frame should do!
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