5 Textiles Best Brands You Should Visit at ICFF 2016

ICFF is: the Top Brands, Fashion Forecasters, Interior Designers & Decorators, Architects, Press/Media, and so many more featured at this event! The Best Brands of ICFF represent North America’s premier trade show for luxurious interior designs and architecture for the best brands. KOKET is one of 700 high-end luxury designers worldwide at ICFF. To stay up-to-date with the 2016 trends, latest styles, and fashion/interior forecasts more then 32,000 visitors come to see wallpaper designs, upholstery fabrics, and top of the line leading furniture designs from leading international firms. The best in contemporary design are featured here in NYC at ICFF. GOAL: To create, innovate, and customize unique, one of a kind pieces to meet clients needs and wants.

ICFF 2016

When: May 14-17th 2016

Where: Jacobs K. Javits Center New York City

Why: To feature the Most Leading, Best Brands in High-End Interior Spaces

ICFF: Contemporary Designers and the Best Brands You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to design, there are no rules to follow! Be inspired, motivated, and determined by the Best Brands of Luxurious Textiles! KOKET, as a high-end interior design firm, takes advantage of these trending, contemporary wallpaper designs, leather furniture, and upholstery fabrics for inspiration.

Trending Wallpaper from Contemporary Interior Designers


Wallpaper Designs: LED Chandelier

These beautiful Wallpaper Designs are what’s next in the emerging contemporary market for interiors. Wallpaper for your home is gathered from around the world to be displayed inside exclusively at ICFF! KOKET gains so much inspiration from the best brands internationally.

KOKET is One of the Best Brands designing 2016 Trends that you have to see at ICFF! Rock On Wallpaper Design 


Exotic Opulence Genuine Leather Collection designed by KOKET. These are perfectly acceptable for leather furniture!


Upholstery Fabrics designed by KOKET: Croc Reptilia Champagne Fabric. Perfect for Home Decor!


Silk Fabric is one of the popular 2016 Trends for Home Decor


WATCH OUT:  The Best Brands are featuring Perfect Wallpaper Designs at ICFF

Designers of the best brands are influenced by what’s the next big design to master for luxury interiors and high-end furniture. KOKET is developing perfect concepts for residential, hospitality, and/or commercial projects. Fact from the Best Brands:  If you have a will, there is a way! New York City is a mixing bowl for international design that you don’t want to miss!

ICFF: Featuring the Best Brands Internationally


Want More Inside on this beautiful theme being Featured at ICFF, Look at Facebook Page: KOKET TEXTILES