Set Design* KOKET in the Empire Finale

Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale

KOKET is taking Hollywood by storm. First the luxury furniture brand starred in the hot and steamy box-office hit Fifty Shades of Grey, now the sassy ladies of the Guilty Pleasures collection are hanging with the Lyon’s family on the hottest television drama series of 2016, FOX’s Empire.
Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 5
Empire has returned for the second installment of Season 2 with a new starlet in the cast, KOKET. Several pieces from the brand will appear in this seasons set design of one of the biggest dramas on television today. The pieces from the KOKET collection making their grand debut to the big screen are the lustrous gold leaf peacock, Camilia Cabinet, the artfully fluid Obssedia Dining Table, geometric Gem Table Lamp and mesmerizing Brilliance Sconce. Not shy to the silver screen, the Vivre and Eternity Sconces will also make an appearance as they did in Fifty Shades of Grey.
Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale
So what’s it like to live like a Lyon? The woman responsible for creating the luxurious sets of the hip-hop elite is Caroline Perzan, veteran set decorator with Hollywood hits like CSI, House M.D. and Public Enemies under her belt prior to her Empire Records days. Since season 1, Perzan has created contemporary sets with an edgy twist in the Chicago sound stages that boast to be Manhattan. She has an eye for seeing new potential in vintage finds, and likes to refurbish pieces found in various shops for her sets.
Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 1
When presented with the KOKET brand, Perzan knew the daring statement pieces found within the Guilty Pleasures collection would be perfect for the show. The sets combines a lot of different elements seen throughout the KOKET collection like rich metals, marble, natural touches and exotic upholstery. Not to mention the daring design aesthetic of the pieces matches the bold personalities seen on the show.
Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 4
Now that Empire is back for the second installment of season 2, pieces from the brand will be popping up in the scenes. Perzan used KOKET pieces primarily in character Anika Calhoun’s home, where you can catch a glimpse of the Vivre sconce in the hallway. The aged brass sconce offers exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. The dark neutral tones and the exquisite patterns in the agate stone is uniquely captivating against the light and the gold metal.

Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 6

The tantalizing tones and exquisite patterns in the agate stones of the Brilliance Sconce are cast onto gold rays of metal.

Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 2
Another uniquely captivating agate sconce will make a guest appearance in the VIP section of the Lyon’s hottest nightclub, Leviticus. The Brilliance sconce, along with the amber Eternity sconce adorn the walls of the VIP room in the famed Empire nightclub. Perfect for the Empire cast, the Gem table lamp, a tribute to a diamond’s devastating power of enticement, also makes a scene. This stunning design represents the journey of the gem’s rough beginnings to exquisite end, with the metal geometric base framing an entrancing colored gem in the center.
Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 7

The lustrous Camilia Cabinet and fluid Obssedia Dining Table will earn their fifteen minutes of fame in Empire.

The striking mother of pearl and gold leaf Camilia cabinet will also earn her fifteen minutes of fame along with the Obssedia dining table rumored to be used in the record label’s nightclub, Leviticus. It is no surprise that Perzan chose the Camilia for the set. The design’s use of natural materials blended with an elegant but modern design, and the stunning hand-carved, gold leaf peacock adorning the front, nicely fit with Empire’s set design. The Obssedia dining table is more than appears to the eye, becoming a functioning art form when your eyes begin to wander down, drinking in the rhythmic design of the golden base.
Set Design KOKET in the Empire Finale 3
Perzan plans to continue being set decorator for the show into its third season, and with her 26 years of experience, she is sure to impress. Viewers will be mesmerized by the continued drama weaved within the plot and the set design. KOKET will be watching in anticipation of our next leading lady on the silver screen, welcoming a star studded cast to the Lyon’s den.

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