Lighten Up with Koket Home Textiles

Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

Lighten Up with KOKET Home Textiles 
KOKET is marking its territory with home textiles for the Spring season with everything from fabric designs and upholstery fabrics to wallpaper designs. Designers, including KOKET,  are ready to present the finest textures and beautiful materials of home textiles. Bold, Cutting-Edge, and Daring are words that come to mind when designers are creating and innovating jaw-dropping collections of home textiles.

Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

Home Textiles are brighter then ever for Spring Home Decor

Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

The Iconic Drapesse Chair is perfect for leather upholstery! KOKET’s Glorius Salmon Leather with Cream Lux Velvet Fabric

One of the top fabrics for home textiles for the Spring Season is Velvet Fabric. Home textiles are collaborating with the most accepted and admired color palette of nude colors. KOKET chooses to work with Ivory, Oatmeal, and Nougat. The magic array of colors are the perfect set for home interiors. KOKET fabrics create a luscious sense of texture and pop of contrast for home interiors. Velvet Fabric creates a soft, plush touch, while others feel more silky and smooth. These are perfect for upholstery fabric, consisting of the Geisha Sofa designed by KOKET.
Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

New to the Guilty Pleasures Collection by KOKET: The Curved Geisha Sofa covered in delicious brown strie velvet fabric

KOKET is Magnificent, Irresistible, Decadence, & Iconic when it comes to Home Textiles
Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

Luscious Drapesse Bronze Leather: Perfect for leather upholstery

Leather upholstery is a necessity for home interiors for the Spring and Summer Seasons. These precise and exclusive textiles from KOKET are the up and coming home textiles for decor one needs for their home. One of the most widespread, admired 2016 trends for home interiors is pairing designer fabrics with leather upholstery and modern wallpapers. KOKET and other designers are drawing their inspirations from the runway with lighter, neutral color palettes paired with metallic leathers.
Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

The Exotic Opulence Collection by KOKET has amazing fabric designs, velvet fabric, modern fabric, and wallpaper designs

A masterpiece of home textiles is being generated and shaped right in front of you!

Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

Perfect for Home Interiors: Embroidered Fabric imported from India!

Home Interiors is calling for: Rich Colors for Home Textiles, Delicate Embroidery for Fabric Designs, and Soft Textures for Upholstery Fabric. This is the season that home textiles are taking over with modern fabric paired with modern wallpapers. This is an all-inclusive Spring Look that designers can’t wait to put their hands on. Wallpaper designs are consisting of modern wallpaper, alluring patterns, and striking, but natural designs.
Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

Home Textiles at it’s finest!


KOKET wants you to venture and immerse yourself into the measureless amount of fabric designs, leather upholstery, and Wallpaper Designs! If you add these home textiles within the home interiors, it will never look the same!
Lighten up with Koket Home Textiles

Home Textiles is a necessity in order to bring your home interiors all together as one theme!

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