KOKET defiantly brought vintage glamour to AD Show NY 2017 held from March 16-19th  in the glamorous New York City.  In addition to our stunning booth we designed a luxurious lounge in our signature black with accents of cream, gold and metallics.  Soaring golden windows framed by flowing drapery drawback by polished brass hands, large angular mirrors, and gentle golden calla lily blossoms floating above, took you back to a place that felt as though glamour was from another time.
KOKET'S Vintage Glamour ad show ny 2017

The large Reptilia sofa made for a great place to sit, relax, and socialize. The upholstered stools and benches were perfect to sit individually or in a group. Our beautiful Gisele tables were set in the perfect place to take a moment to eat or to just observe the stunning brass hands and details. The Drapesse chairs had to be what stole the show in the lounge. It was rare to catch one without someone sitting inside and escaping the world.
KOKET'S Vintage Glamour at Architectural Digest Show (11)

The perfect accents to our black, gold, and cream lounge were the stunning fuchsia florals provided by Designs by Ahn. Jay and Victoria really went above and beyond to create the perfect florals for both our booth and lounge. Their florals were bold and made a statement, exactly what KOKET is known for.
KOKET'S Vintage Glamour at Architectural Digest Show (5)
KOKET'S Vintage Glamour at AD Show NY 2017

KOKET’s Love Happens Lounge – Egoist Mirror, Ribbon dining table, Nahema chair

KOKET stole the show in New York City! Whether it was visitors in the Booth or visitors in the Lounge the feedback was the same. KOKET is loved for what it stands for and for its beautiful pieces. Love for KOKET happened in New York City!
KOKET'S Vintage Glamour at Architectural Digest Show (10)

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