Nicolas Garzouzi, a very rigorous and perfectionist men and his wife, Michèle a more free spirit with fun ideas are both known as the owners of the Hermès license for Lebanon. They are proud to show the world this five-bedroom home as their very much realization of a dream that they once vowed. One day they’d build their own house in Lebanon remains of the civil war and would be a haven of peace.
The outdoor house is dominated by gnarled limestone formations, the immediate surroundings of this magnificent home are moonlike and magical as the whole house. Garzouzi’s dream home became an exquisite representation of culture, history and a luxurious High-Style project.
Nicolas Garzouzi High-Style Family Retreat (6)
Nicolas Garzouzi High-Style Family Retreat (2)
The landscaping of the garden was overseen by Vladimir Djurovic,  who relocated the excavated rocks to create a screen for the pool by the home’s main entrance. The architecture was done by Raëd Abillama who decided to clad the ground-level façade with slabs of stone from the property. It took local artisans two years to assemble them.
Nicolas Garzouzi High-Style Family Retreat (1)
This Curved table and transformable chairs by Massimiliano Locatelli are strong pieces that create an immediate impression. Thierry opted to work largely with just three materials—teak, bronze, and an Iranian travertine.
Nicolas Garzouzi High-Style Family Retreat (3)
Fashioned the living room’s distinctive teak and bronze paneling. Flexform sofas; table lamps by Maurizio Tempestini. brushed brass cocktail tables by Boca do Lobo;
This brass tables from Boca do Lobo are made with superior craftsmanship. This version was made from melted aluminum finished in copper leaf. Inspired by current trends and made with the finest materials, this cocktail table created an atmosphere of irresistible comfort, gracious hospitality, and impeccable taste.
Nicolas Garzouzi High-Style Family Retreat (4)
This Iranian titanium travertine floor was chosen for its grayish- beige color and its heavily veined patterns, almost looking like a landscape. The Ivano Redaelli swing chairs hanged in the small salon and the colorful Hermès wallpaper is a perfect mark of Michèle’s lively, and whimsical taste.
Nicolas Garzouzi High-Style Family Retreat (5)
Michèle Garzouzi’s mirrored bath features a massive tub of carved Iranian titanium travertine;
Thierry Lemaire was the interior designer chosen to develop this interior masterpiece. He had the challenge of creating a mountain retreat for a couple with different personalities and taste. Initially trained as an architect, he soon showed a great interest in decoration and furniture creation. Today he carries projects out all over the world and is dedicated to Holly Hunt and FENDI Casa.

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