Empowering Women: Loren Ridinger

empowering women, women empowerment, loren ridinger

Empowering Women: Loren Ridinger

For our first profile on Empowering Women we are delighted to share with you the glamorous and incredibly inspiring serial internet entrepreneur, beauty and fashion expert, mother, grandmother and mentor to women around the world, Loren Ridinger!
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Loren holds a special place in our hearts here at KOKET and Love Happens since she purchased the first prototype of our very first design, the Mandy stool!
Like us, Loren is a lover of beautiful things and says, “Everything we put in our homes, whether it be a chair, a piece of art or a beautiful book – I want to make sure it has value and I want to be able to pass it on as a legacy one day.”
We are so honored she chose a KOKET design! She was there with us at the beginning and she continues to encourage us today with her ambition and empowering words.
Loren Ridinger's demi-lune silver Mandy stool by KOKET
From humble beginnings to a monumental business mogul, Loren is a powerful woman who has built an empire that makes women feel beautiful inside and out. She is the co-founder and senior executive vice president of Market America | Shop.com, and the creator of the award-winning beauty line, Motives by Loren Ridinger, the solution-oriented product line Fixx, the skincare line Cellular Laboratories, and the exquisite jewelry collection, Loren Jewels.
Loren Ridinger, women empowerment, Motives
Empowering others and helping them realize their dreams, especially women, is something Loren has a special knack for and loves to do. Named one of Vogue’s Top 100 influential women, Loren often speaks about inspiration, entrepreneurship and women empowerment, “I use my voice wherever I can to make a difference,” she says.
Her undeniably inspiring words can be heard at this 2016 Market America empowerment conference – a must watch it!!

Loren’s magnetic personality and wealth of empowering messages have led her to an extensive following on her social media and blogs, Fashion Cents and Loren’s World, named one of Forbes’ Top 100 websites for women!
empowering women, women empowerment, loren ridinger

Here are few of our favorite words of wisdom from this amazing woman:


Stay focused and accomplish small goals

“Once you make one excuse then next week you are going to make another.”


Manage your time wisely

“It’s hard to run a company of this size and still have a life with your children and your grandchildren and juggle everything. I’ve learned what may not appear to be normal for other families is normal for us, it works for us. If we have to have dinner at 10:30 at night or 4:30 in the afternoon, and it works for us based on our schedules, we don’t punish ourselves for it. I’m a big believer that time is everything. I loathe people who waste my time. I learned how to manage it really well. If I want to see my grandchildren for a couple of hours, I wake up really early. Socializing comes last on my list because the people I associate with are very successful too, and I try to make sure they understand I can’t be there all the time. And they understand because they are the same way.”


Do the hardest things first

“I tackle the hardest things first, always. People have a tendency to procrastinate the hardest things in life, and I always tackle them first because once you get them out of the way, it’s like you are done.”


Know your “why”

“If you know what your why is, you have a reason to do what you do. I don’t think anyone can be successful without knowing what their why is. You have to have passion, something that inspires you. For me, my why is to instill in my children, and now my grandchildren, that you are worthy of something better and that you can achieve anything you want. They are my why — to inspire them to greatness and to let them see that working hard as a woman is important and you don’t need a man, even though I have [had] a great man for 26 years, it’s important. That is really what it is.”


Believe in your dreams!


Never give up

“You know it’s really easy to quit. There are challenges. It’s not easy to be successful but it’s not that hard.”


Eliminate negative people around you

“I really control who I socialize with and who I am around because I don’t want anyone who is negative infiltrate my thoughts. With positive thinking, I can do anything I want.”


Loren is also passionate about giving back and is involved with many charitable causes including Rally for Kids with Cancer, which she co-Chairs with Eva Longoria, American Heart Association, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Jennifer Lopez FoundationCystic Fibrosis Foundation and many others.


Loren, thank you for all that you do and are! You are a true inspiration!

Be sure to check out all of Loren’s businesses (Market America | Shop.com, Motives by Loren Ridinger, and Loren Jewels) and her blogs (Fashion Cents and Loren’s World)!
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