Top Interior Designers: Los Angeles' Natasha Baradaran

Top Interior Designers in LA - Masion Luxe Showhouse - Greystone Mansion — Natasha Baradaran, CURVA collection, natasha baradaran luxury furniture

Top Interior Designers: Los Angeles’ Natasha Baradaran

Artful Brentwood — Natasha Baradaran Top Interior Designer in Los Angeles, neutral living room with colorful art
Elegantly ornate, timeless, dynamic, and striking interiors make up the beautiful portfolio of one of Los Angeles’ top interior designers Natasha Baradaran and her eponymous full-service design firm which provides interior design, interior architecture, and furniture design for high-end residential and commercial environments alike.
Natasha Baradaran - Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles
Baradaran’s talent for versatility across styles helps her to create spaces which reflect the personality and lifestyle of each of her clients, a goal she strives for on all of her projects. While her background and love for travel infuse her own signature touch in each space she composes – “Inspired by the richness of her diverse cultural background, from Southern California to Italy, as well as her Persian lineage, Baradaranʼs point of view fuses classical, European design traditions with the exoticism of Middle Eastern arts, seasoned with the laid back luxury of Los Angeles.”
Although she was born in Los Angeles, Baradaran has strong ties to Italy, her mother was raised in Milan and she grew up spending her summers there visiting her grandfather. Today, Baradaran and her husband maintain a summer home in Milan where they travel with their two daughters, and where Baradaran loves to visit her favorite antique stores.
Canyon Eclectic — Natasha Baradaran - Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles
Baradaran took a less common route to her career in design then many, after receiving a Bachelors degree from USC and a Masters in international relations from Columbia she was on track to become a professor of political science when she realized she wanted to get out of the “books” and into the world to see things and be with people. She had always had a passion for painting so her first foray back into the world of design was picking it up again, but she remained on the political science track. Newly married she returned to LA to begin a Ph.D program in international relations at UCLA where she decided to take some classes in design. Her passion for design was beginning to ignite, so she applied for an internship at Wilson and Associates on a whim, and then it hit her – “It was the first time I really saw design on that scale, and I was hooked immediately.”
She quickly climbed up the ranks at Wilson and Associates, where as a senior designer she designed numerous high-end hospitality projects around the world, including luxury hotels, five-star restaurants, spas and corporate offices. The job came with lots of travel, a lifestyle she found exciting but not favorable to her dream of starting a family. So she left Wilson and Associates and in 2000 founded Natasha Baradaran Interior Design.
Top Interior Designers in Beverly Hills: Montecito — Natasha Baradaran, open-air living room design
Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles: Santa Monica Warm Modern Office — Natasha Baradaran, contemporary office design, modern office interior design ideas
Since founding her firm Baradaran has opened a studio in the La Cienega Design Quarter, received numerous industry accolades, including a spot on The Hollywood Reporter’s 2013 list of the “25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Hollywood”, and her work has been featured in numerous publications including: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, W Magazine, Town & Country, Veranda, Interior Design, and the Los Angeles Times, among others.

Top Interior Designers in LA - Masion Luxe Showhouse - Greystone Mansion — Natasha Baradaran, luxury furniture, curva collection, greystone mansion porte cochere
In 2015 Baradaran joined the top-notch roster of design talent recruited to design the Maison de Luxe Designer Show House at the Doheny Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills, CA. She designed the mansion’s porte cochère (shown above) inspired by “Dolce Far Niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing and the sheer indulgence of enjoying the moment.
Top Interior Designers in LA: Artful Brentwood — Natasha Baradaran, ceiling ideas, bedroom interior design, okeefe, luxury bedroom furniture
Top Interior Designers in LA: Brentwood New Traditional Dining Room by Natasha Baradaran Interior Design, dining room with persian rug, fortuny chandelier
On her style Baradaran says, “I love the idea of neutrality and trying to give a feeling of richness based on texture and layering, the beauty of pieces and lines and architecture.” She also says, “I tend to be more focused on color through art. Most of my clients have art collections that are constantly changing, and I tend to select neutral wall colors to complement and not clash with art.”
Top Interior Designers in Beverly Hills: Hollywood Hills Pad — Natasha Baradaran, hollywood hills, west hollywood, sci-fi movie director's home
When discussing the project pictured above Baradaran recalls, “One of my favorite projects has been the contemporary home I completed for a sci-fi director in the Hollywood Hills. He asked me to create interiors that would feel futuristic in the 1920’s. I drew from art deco design while putting together spaces that feel very current by using contemporary artisans and makers. We used some of my favorites, like Robertaebasta, in Milan, and Wyeth, in New York. I am commonly associated with a feminine aesthetic, and I love how this project shows a different side of my design style.”
Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles - California Spanish Contemporary — Natasha Baradaran - okeeffe - spanish interior design
In 2014, Baradaran ventured into product design creating a self-named luxury furniture collection inspired by her love for jewelry making. “It’s great that, at this stage of my career, I have found another creative outlet,” she says. “It gives me that same excitement and energy that I got when I first started doing interiors.” Her debut collection along with her second collection CURVA, launched in 2016, feature jewelry inspired forms and materials and complement her brand’s vision for artistic, stylish and integrally made designs. The upholstered bench and metallic mirror in the image above are from her CURVA collection.
We look forward to continue following Natasha Baradaran’s career and seeing more of her fabulous interiors and glamorous furniture designs!
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