Top NYC Interior Designers: 25 of The Best Firms in New York City

Top NYC Interior Designers: 25 of The Best Interior Design Firms in New York City From A-Z

A mecca for the best in food, fashion, decor and more, New York City is home to some of the world’s most talented interior designers! Take a peak at these 25 firms who we think are more than deserving of a place on the list of top NYC interior designers, and see what they have to say about their design philosophy, inspirations and more!


Top NYC Interior Designers - Alan Tanksley Inc - Office interior design - living room design - gold sconces - glamorous office design
“I make every effort to accommodate my clients and to show them the possibilities for the designs they try to translate into words but often cannot. I am their lens.”
– Quote by Alan Tanksley: Founder & Principal Designer


Top NYC Interior Designers - Amanda Nisbet Design - Blue living room design - luxury furniture
“When designing a space the very first thing I think about is the mood of the room.  Depending on the function and needs of my client,  I question how we want to experience the room, how do we want to feel when we are in it?
Then I consider the elements I feel are essential to a well designed space – comfort and elegance achieved through careful consideration of layout, form, scale, colour and texture.”
– Quote by Amanda Nisbet: Interior Designer, Home Decor and Fabric Designer, and Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Amy Lau Design - Chicago Residence - Living Room Design - Glamorous Living Room - Luxury Furniture - Polished brass accent chairs
“I try to give the room a sense of spirit from the person who will inhabit it, I don’t care about fads or trends. I want [the] rooms [I design] to have couture moments, to create environments that uplift people, and are expressions of what they really like.”
–  Quote by Amy Lau: Interior Designer, Home Furnishings Designer and Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Ashe + Leandro - AD 2017 Top 100 Up and Coming Designer - Living room design - red sofas
“We craft a vision for a project based on instinct, ingenuity, humor, and historical references.”
– Quote by Ariel Ashe & Reinaldo Leandro: Interior Designers & Home Decor Product Designers


Top NYC Interior Designers - Bella Mancini Design - glamorous living room design - new york city interior designer - best interior designers in new york city, luxury furniture - brass and glass chandelier
“I am now not only a businesswoman, but also a wife and mother who understands the fast pace of life – especially living in New York City.  This firsthand experience in trying to balance it all (as stylishly as possible) has helped me and my team become experts in creating exceptional interiors for real people living busy lives in NYC and beyond.  We are committed to the decoration and design of beautiful, stylish homes which are also comfortable, practical and thoughtful.”
– Quote by Bella Mancini: Founder & Principal Interior Designer


“We create environments that complement and suit the lifestyle and personality of the client. Whether the room is formal or casual, traditional or modern, accessibility and comfort are a must.”
– Quote by Brad Ford: Interior Designer, Founder of Field + Supply and the FAIR Showroom


Top NYC Interior Designers - Carrier and Company - Printing House - Jessie Carrier and Marra Miller - living room design - AD100
“The unpredictable is never traditional. The mix that defies expectations – that includes an indefinable something that renders it new – ultimately makes a room more vibrant in spirit and endows it with the ability to age.”
– Quote by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller: Founders, Principal Interior Designers and Husband & Wife


Top NYC Interior Designers - Celerie Kemble interiors great room living, luxury furniture
“In life as in design, it is not perfection you should be after. There’s beauty in the faded and worn, the well loved, and the sentimental…After all, life as seams. Your home should be like a loosely woven fabric of desires, memories, practical, notions, and even compromises.”
– Quote by Celerie Kemble: Partner & Interior Designer in NY Office and Home Decor Product Designer


Top NYC Interior Designers - Daun Curry - interiors great room living family room
“I am constantly inspired by the rarity and luxury of jewelry. I actually find those qualities influence a lot of my creative output as an interior designer, from the clothing I wear to the spaces I create. I love to study the details. Of course, there are memories and associations embedded in jewelry that are incredibly personal and become more so over time.”
– Quote by Daun Curry: Interior & Home Decor Product Designer


Top NYC Interior Designer - Drake-Anderson - One57 Model Apartment -pastel-living-room-blog-designs - luxury furniture
“There is nothing more exciting than incorporating bold, vibrant colors with a striking mix of genres and periods to create lively, magical spaces that inhabit memories and enrich lives.”
– Quote by Jamie Drake: Founder & Principal Interior Designer


Eric Cohler Design_INSTALLATIONS-SUSAN-G-KOMEN-1-black and white floor
“What fires my imagination, he asks? The endless possibility of the day after tomorrow.”
– Quote by Eric Cohler: Founder & Principal Interior Designer, Home Decor Product & Fabric Designer, and Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Fox-Nahem+Associates - Joe Nahem - high-gloss lacquered walls,dining room
“Decorating is intimate and personal. As a designer, you have to be able to let go of your ego and design a personalized space that is going to reflect the people who live there.”
– Quote by Joe Nahem: Founder & Interior Designer


Top NYC Interior Designers - Jeffrey Bilhuber - Bilhuber & Associates - living room - great room - colorful accents - luxury furniture
“The future of design is seamlessly integrating a respect for the past with an optimistic view toward the future.”
– Quote by Jeffrey Bilhuber: Founder & Principal Interior Designer, and Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Kati Curtis_Johnson-Residence-NYC - Luxury Furniture - Decorative Lighting - animal print fabrics - luxury interior design
“My style can be summed up in 3 words: crafted, cultured, and collected.
There will always be an element of fine craftsmanship, always a sense of taste and refinement, and always a feeling that the interiors were built and collected over a lifetime.  Interiors are a statement of personal expression, and I believe my work is about helping clients tell the story of who they are through their surroundings…it’s a visual story.”
– Quote by Kati Curtis: Founder & Principal Interior Designer


Top NYC Interior Designers - Katie Lydon Interiors - living room - luxury interior design
“Contemporary art and furniture have a very strong design interest and I believe it inspires us because it pushes us to continue to grow and learn. Great art really gives a home gravitas. In no way do you match your art to anything. Its purpose is to really enhance a room and elevate ones design process. A lot of our clients have families, which at times can be challenging. We have to push ourselves to be creative. We want the space to be beautiful and sophisticated, but it also must be comfortable, functional and fitting for a family to live in. There has to be a good balance between the two.”
– Quote by Katie Lydon: Founder & Principal Interior Designer


Top NYC Interior Designers Katie-Ridder-Elle-Decor - turquoise bedroom - luxury furniture
“The design process is hard work, but in the end I want my interiors to look inspired and relaxed, not studied.”
– Quote by Katie Ridder: Founder & Principal Interior Designer, Home Decor Product Designer and Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Mark Hampton - Alexa Hampton - Kips Bay Showhouse - Living room design
“Design is a matter of balancing different needs and outlooks-practical and aesthetic, masculine and feminine, designer and client, dream and reality.”
– Quote by Alexa Hampton: Owner & Principal Interior Designer of Mark Hampton LLC/Home Furnishings Designer – Alexa Hampton Inc., Author


“Buy the best and you only cry once.”
– Quote by Miles Redd: Interior Designer, Home Decor Product Designer and Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Nicole Fuller Interiors - East-Village-apartment-new-york-designer-living-room-wine-storage-black - luxury furniture
“I love to mix texture throughout all of my spaces whether that is with fabrics, metals, wallpapers, wall finishes etc. I think these elements are what makes a space come to life and accentuate the architecture.”
– Quote by Nicole Fuller: Founder & Principal Interior Designer, Home Decor Product Designer


Top NYC Interior Designers - Perianth - KOKET Mandy Stool - KOKET Eternity Sconce - Living room - Luxury Furniture - Decorative Lighting
“I have always been affected by my environment and I am addicted to making spaces more livable and luxurious.”
– Quote by Hilary Unger: Founder & Principal Interior Designer


NYC Top Interior Designers - Sara Story-lake-flato-ranch-06-living-and-dining-area - Luxury furniture

“Interior design is 80% business, 20% creativity.”

– Quote by Sara Story: Founder & Principal Interior Designer, Wallpaper Designer


Top NYC Interior Desingers - S.R. Gambrel - Steven Gambrel - teal blue office living room


“We often think of the principal responsibility of a modern interior, particularly one in a project with a beautiful site or a great view, as staying out of the way.”
– Quote by Steven Harris: Partner & Principal Architect/Designer, Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Vicente Wolf-yee-designed-long-island-beach-house-luxury furniture
“The drama of this interior doesn’t come from the obvious; it comes from the strength of the point of view. The rooms are sets—not for theater, but for living.”
– Quote by Vicente Wolf: Principal Interior Designer, Home Decor Product Designer, Author


Top NYC Interior Designers - Victoria Hagan - white living room - neutral living room - art deco - luxury furniture
“I have always believed that design is about the unexpected. Design is about using your imagination to create special environments to live in and enjoy.”
– Quote by Victoria Hagan: Principal Interior Designer, Home Decor Product Designer, Author

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