How to Improve Productivity Through Office Design

By Guest Blogger Tony Solomon, Media Gurus
The technological era presented humanity with a completely different approach toward employees, and some of the largest companies in the world such as Google and Microsoft are the crucial bearers of change. Their offices are vibrant and friendly environments, unlike anything you would have seen in the 20th century. The biggest concern is employee’s comfort and well-being. Heads of these companies know that people are more productive when relaxed, so they made some changes to ensure their employees feel like more like they are at home while working. Interested in finding out how to improve productivity through your office design? Read on for tips on ways to emulate the feeling of home in your office.
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Employees Appreciate Natural Light

Every employee wants a well-lit office, and this isn’t always easy to achieve. Some companies lack windows, so natural sunlight can’t break through. Getting an insufficient amount of light can affect a person’s mood in a negative way and can hurt their productivity at work. Because of that, it is highly recommended to rent an office space that has plenty of windows. With this simple trick, you will get happier employees who will remain awake during work hours and the overall productivity will increase. And if you can’t have natural light do your best to create a comfortably lit space – ditch the fluorescent lights and use table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers instead.
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Add Artwork and Creative Imagery

Creating an office space that resembles a home became much more interesting and practical to implement since the above-mentioned companies began the trend. Your employees will feel much better if the walls are covered in artwork or motivating quotes. If you are a real 21st-century entrepreneur, you will do your best to accommodate your employees. Go ahead and print a bunch of images with creative artwork, and you will see how the mood of your employees will improve in no time.

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Easily Reconfigurable Furniture is a Must

The modern worker wants to feel comfort. Going to work shouldn’t just be about earning money and supporting the family. It is about the overall work experience. Consequently, all serious companies started to redesign their spaces in order to meet all the needs of their employees. The best way to create a dynamic office is to purchase furniture that can be remodeled and adjusted to suit every purpose. Give your employees a chance to rebuild their office space anytime they wish, and they will repay you with the increased quality of their work.
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The Importance of Collaborative Spaces 

It is very important to recognize the need for teamwork. Unfortunately, companies used to hold scheduled meetings without allowing their workers to act as a real, independent team. Learn from the past and provide your employees with a chance to collaborate. Go ahead and set up the office so that it can be used by a team. Give them freedom to choose what their collaborative space will look like.
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Bold Colors

One of the most efficient ways to increase your employees’ mental activity is to paint your office space in bright, strong colors. A bold palette will keep them focused, concentrated and open for communication. There is nothing worse than plain white walls, and symmetric fluorescent lights over boring gray desks. Avoid bumming out your workers by making a colorful and a vibrant office.
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Space for Rest and Relaxation

In the end, if you want to follow the latest trends in office organization, you should consider setting up a separate space which can be used for rest or play, a space for unwinding and resetting. You can setup DisplayMe stands for watching movies on iPads or for storing magazines – your staff will love this! Having a relaxation room will make them feel like home more than anything. Having a space to relax in will make your employees feel like home more than anything and will offer them a way to recharge their internal batteries. Purchase a few gaming consoles, e.g. a flipper, pool table, or anything else your employees might enjoy if your budget allows you to. If not, a simple room with some lounge sofas and selection of books and magazines will do the trick.
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Don’t Let Your Office Be Boring!

As you can see, there is plenty you can do to improve your employees productivity through office design. Keep in mind that every improvement you make will aide in keeping your employees happy and simultaneously increase their productivity. When your employees are happy and feel cared for they are more loyal and committed. Building this sense of family and home at work is sure to result in higher levels of motivation and efficiency across your team.
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