Our Newest Obsession: Jennifer Miller Jewelry

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Our Newest Obsession: Jennifer Miller Jewelry

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When it comes to top jewelry collections, Jennifer Miller’s is our newest obsession! Her company, Jennifer Miller Jewelry has set trends and appeared on A-list celebs for over two decades.
Delicate, jewel-encrusted bracelets and chunky, colorful statement necklaces coexist in the designer’s vast collection of lines. Jennifer Miller collaborates with some of the most well known and respected designers from around the world. With her “incredible eye for what makes a woman feel beautiful,” as put by a long time client, Jennifer Miller strives to have something for everyone and the pieces in her collection are meant to be paired with whatever you wear on a daily basis (or to become what you wear on a daily basis).
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Known as Jenny Girls, the curator’s fan base grew rapidly as she traveled the country doing trunk show tours over the last 20 years.
Her work has appeared on the likes of Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and so many more, making her looks a staple for classy and playful jewelry across industries.

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Image by Ramy Brook.

Her jewelry journey began before she was even born — her parents, Beverly and David Navarro, have designed jewelry since the 1970s. She was always surrounded by jewelry and, in that respect, not much has changed since her childhood.

She and her husband began building the company up and eventually got her collection, Jewels by Jen, featured on HSN.
Now with five retail stores around the country, Jennifer Miller Jewelry is building her empire. Check out our favorite JMJ jewelry picks below, and make sure to look for her in our first print edition of Love Happens Magazine!
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All images by Jennifer Miller Jewelry unless noted.