5 Key Considerations for Your Next Office Interior Design Project

Office Interior Design Ideas - Homepolish Office - Interior Design by Noa Santos. Photo by Julia Robbs - office design - modern cubicles - unique cubicles - ergonomic office chairs - ergonomic office furniture

5 Key Considerations for Your Next Office Interior Design Project

Office Interior Design Ideas - Homepolish Office - Photo by Julia Robbs - office design - office furniture - boardroom design ideas - boardroom tables - boardroom chairs - glamorous office furniture - Interior design by Noa Santos

Interior Design by Noa Santos. Photo by Julia Robbs

You’ve started your own business, and its progress has been going well. Suddenly, you feel as though you’re missing something and decide that an interior redesign is what you need. With much to think about, such as selecting textiles and floor design, you may not be sure where to start. Explore the following five office interior design ideas before you begin your next major redesign project.

Establish a Budget

Office Interior Design Ideas - Jennifer Fisher’s office published in Matchbook magazine - office design - kate moss photos - interior design project budget - office furniture - glamorous offices - luxury desks

Image via Matchbook

Your budget is by far the most critical piece to consider when planning a space redesign. Your goal is to keep your costs low while setting up a functional space. You’ll also need to consider whether you’ll hire a professional interior designer or make the effort a do-it-yourself project. If you choose to use a designer, expect to use 20 percent of your budget to pay for this service.

Office Interior Design Ideas - Office design - interior designers - interior design scheme - interior design presentation

Image via www.stylink.nl

If you decide to tackle this project yourself, you’ll discover many resources available to assist you with completing the job while maintaining your budget. For example, you can rent a forklift or material hauler to haul away debris or move heavy material such as carpeting. Other items to consider include the cost of plumbing and electrical work.

Maintain or Improve Functionality

Office Interior Design Ideas - Concept Glass Printed Glass Partitions - office design - office partitions - functional office layout

Image via ConceptGlass.fi

Functional planning is the next critical step to consider when planning a space redesign. The physical appearance can be phenomenal, but if the design is not suited to serve its purpose, then you’ve failed. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my business? Who are my employees and what do they need to get the job done?” Your space should be the opposite of a stereotypical office that drains creativity and prevents collaboration.

Office interior design - Casacorsp Roberto Migotto Brazil - office design - bookshelf ideas - bookshelves

Interior by Roberto Migotto for Casacorsp

Remember, an office space directly influences job satisfaction, creativity, and productivity. Focus on functionality and safety without sacrificing aesthetics and style.

Restore Color and Purpose

Office Interior Design Ideas - Design Files - Office design - red office designs

Image via Design Files

While color choice may seem minor, color selection is important. Colors that tell your business story or support your theme are your best choices. Your choice of colors for your logos and website are important, but the colors you choose for your business space are essential. It’s true that humans love colors, and colors invoke emotion. Experts say colors such as red raises energy levels, purple sparks imagination, and blue represents dependability.
Now ask yourself, “What emotions do I want to invoke among my employees?”

Focus on Textile Selection

Office interior design ideas - nyla free designs via instagram - office design - interior design materials palette - interior textiles -interior finishes - interior design schemes

Image via @nylafreedesigns

Textile selection highlights your creativity and uniqueness, and it also gives your brand an identity. Your choice of textiles will help infuse your visual identity with your brand. Carpet and rug designs and upholstered furniture can help tell a story or be a distraction. If you’re stuck, ask a professional interior designer for help.

Encourage Good Ergonomics

Office design ideas - modern office design - ergonomic chairs - ergonomic seating

Image via Pinterest

According to Myergonomicchair.com, careful consideration of office furniture and choosing a best standing desk is critical because good furniture supports ergonomics. Many adults spend about 50 to 70 percent of their workdays sitting. Choose chairs with adjustable head and armrests; sit-to-stand desks are also becoming more popular. Office furniture that supports good ergonomics promotes a healthy, productive environment that engages employees.
Before your next major office design project begins, consider your long-term goals. You have the power to shape your business into a space that supports collaboration, employee satisfaction, and shares your business concepts with the world.

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