10 Best Restaurants in Hong Kong for Great Design & Delicious Victuals

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10 Best Restaurants in Hong Kong for Great Design & Delicious Victuals

In honor of Art Basel’s annual exhibition in Hong Kong—taking place March 29-31, 2018—we are exploring the best of the city’s restaurant and bar scene with our top picks for best bars and best restaurants in Hong Kong. These spots are luxurious, trendy, and works of art all their own. Hong Kong is an international city brimming with creative energy. World-renowned interior designers are flocking to Hong Kong’s booming metropolitan center to create memorizing spaces for Michelin star worthy establishments throughout the city. Here are just a few of our favorite locations where the food, drinks, and atmosphere will be sure to please all the senses.


J. Boroski

Best Restaurants in Hong Kong - J Boroski Bar Hong Kong - Dining Concepts - best bars in hong kong - exclusive bars in hong kong
J. Boroski is an invitation-only cocktail bar located discreetly off Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong. This striking venue is named after owner/mixologist, J. Boroski in partnership with Dining Concepts. Boroski commissioned lifetime collaborator and Australian designer Ashley Sutton to design the interior space and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The bar’s curved ceiling, long and narrow stature, and windowless ambiance is suggestive of an underground metro car, albeit a very exclusive underground metro car. The space is dark and dimly lit and outfitted in an array of masculine leather, copper, steel, and teak finishes. The ceiling features preserved beetles among an elegant display of leather panels. Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that you will not find a menu anywhere at J. Boroski’s. Mixologists specialize in what they have termed a “cocktail concierge service”. Each drink is tailored to a patron’s personal preferences—ensuring that the experience will be anything but ordinary.
To secure an invitation and receive directions, call +852 2603 6020, email hk@jboroski.com or contact Joseph via Facebook.

Ozone at the Ritz Carlton

Best restaurants in hong kong - Ozone Bar at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong - best bars in hong kong - most beautiful bars in hong kong - best designed bars in hong kong - design by Masamichi Katayama Wonderwall Design
The second highest bar in the world, Ozone, is properly named for its noteworthy altitude and blue-hued ambiance. Situated 118 floors above ground at the exclusive Ritz Carlton, this lounge offers some of the best, unobstructed views in all of Hong Kong. Japanese designer, Masamichi Katayama from Wonderwall Design, envisioned the space to be an “edenic (or idyllic) experience”. To Katayama, the space reflects a man-made imaginary world taking cues from nature. Just a short elevator ride away, you can enjoy this imaginary world with a reservation for dinner or Sunday brunch. You’ll find a diverse selection of Asian-inspired tapas, sushi, and oysters. Pair it with one of Ozone’s specialty cocktails for the full experience.
For more information on Ozone and to make a reservation click here.  

M Bar

Best restaurants in hong kong - M Bar Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong - art basel hong kong - best bars in hong kong
A popular spot to experience the luxurious nightlife in Hong Kong, M Bar is located on the 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, Hong Kong. Aside from being a sophisticated and sexy space, the focus of M Bar is on high-quality spirits and cuisine. Small batch spirits are used to make an array of Asian fusion cocktails, while two-star Michelin Chef Pierre Gagnaire serves some of the best food in the city. The famous, five-star, Mandarin Oriental Hotel underwent a complete renovation in 2005, overseen by BYME International and costing more than 150 million USD. Today M Bar is known for its sensual and sleek aesthetic and sensational views of the harbor. Grab a spot at the famously shaped lotus bar or grab a table next to floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Hong Kong skyline. There’s not a bad seat or cocktail in the house.
Find out more about visiting M Bar here.
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Felix at the Peninsula

best restaurants in hong kong - felix restaurant peninsula hotel hong kong - art basel hong kong - interior design by Philippe starvk
Dining at Felix, located on the 28th floor of The Peninsula Tower, will be a memorable experience for many reasons. Modern European cuisine is served within an open, avant-garde space created by celebrated designer, Philippe Stark. While dining, take in the breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor and sip on a selection of finely curated wines from The Wine Bar. Felix is sure to satisfy all the senses.
To visit Felix at The Peninsula Tower click here.   

Tin Lung Heen at the Ritz Carlton

best restaurants in hong kong - tin lung heen restaurant ritz carlton hong kong - art basel hong kong - beautiful restaurants hong kong
Tin Lung Heen is one of six Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong to earn the distinction of two Michelin stars. It’s with this unparalleled level of perfection that Tin Lung Heen entertains its guest. From the sure to please interior, that gives a nod to traditional Cantonese design, to the six-course degustation menu, the experience at Heen will be memorable. By far one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong on all counts!
Learn more about Tin Lung Heen and make a reservation here

Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel

best restaurants in hong kong - Caprice Restaurant at the four seasons Hong Kong - interior design by Spin Design Studio
If you’re in the mood for traditional, French cuisine during your stay in Hong Kong, Michelin two-star Caprice is a must. The restaurant boasts some of the freshest dishes in the city with ingredients being flown in daily. Designed by Spin Design Studio, the restaurant is done in a modern Chinoiserie style. Patrons can relax at large in brown, leather, button-tufted, club chairs and enjoy the large Chinese-inspired Czech crystal chandeliers and open-air kitchen. And if chandeliers and whitely clad expert chefs are not to your liking, you can be sure to enjoy the amazing views of Hong Kong’s skyline and harbor.
For more about Caprice and how to reserve a table click here.

Man Wah, Mandarin Oriental

best restaurants in hong kong - Man Wah Hong Kong Restaurant at Mandarian Oriental Hotel Hong Kong
Man Wah is a Michelin star restaurant located on the 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental serving up some of the best Cantonese food in Hong Kong. On par with its excellent menu is the décor itself. The restaurant is known for its use of traditional elements such as silk paintings, dark wood ceilings, and gold-plated ceiling lamps to create an atmosphere of understated elegance. The entire experience at Man Wah is sure to please.
Visit Man Wah during your next trip to Hong Kong by learning more here.

Dear Lilly

best restaurants in hong kong - Dear Lilly Restaurant Hong Kong - dining concepts hong kong - interior design by Ashley Sutton
Located in the IFC, visiting Dear Lilly will not come without a price. A single dinner entrée starts at $168, but the ambiance might just be worth it. Ashley Sutton, the brainchild behind J.Boroski, Ophelia, and Iron Fairies, undertook the design of Dear Lilly in his most recent endeavor. The space is romantic, to say the least. Reminiscent of Parisian glamour, Dear Lilly features heart-shaped booths, floor to ceiling walls of flowers, old love letters, and, of course, amazing views. The cuisine is modern European with a great selection of Mediterranean flavors. Dine or grab a drink here if you want a truly unique experience at one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong!
For more about Dear Lilly and how to make a reservation click here.

AMMO Restaurant

best restaurants in hong kong - AMMO Restaurant Hong Kong - most beautiful restaurants hong kong - interior design by Joyce Wang studios
AMMO—Asia, Modern, Museum, Original—is a self-proclaimed military chic space. Serving up award-winning, contemporary tapas, AMMO is the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated dining. The space takes inspiration from the sights military history as a 19th-century explosive center as well as the 1965 film Alphaville. Joyce Wang of Wang Studios utilized copper to highlight the industrial and art deco feel. This is the perfect spot if you’re in the mood for high-quality food without the stuffy atmosphere.
Learn more about AMMO Restaurant here.   


best restaurants in hong kong - Alto Bar & Grill Hong Kong - Interior Design by Tom Dixon design research studio
Alto is the result of Tom Dixon’s (of Design Research Studio) first Asian design project. A favorite on our list of best restaurants in Hong Kong, Alto boasts a unique and holistic relationship between the restaurant’s food and interior design. The dark grey color palette is supposed to invoke the tones of the charcoal grill, a major element in the cuisine at Alto. In addition, the entire space is designed to reflect the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. With a menu of sophisticated, Western options, it’s sure to please even the most discerning of foodies. If you’re not in the mood for food, grab a drink on the restaurant’s beautiful, rooftop with views of the city and harbor.
Learn more about Alto here.

Chi Lin Vegetarian

best restaurants in hong kong - Chi Lin Vegetarian Hong Kong - best vegetarian restaurants hong kong
Here’s a Buddhist eatery far off the beaten path, but very much worth the journey. Chin Lin offers a vegetarian-only menu in a serene garden setting, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Situated within the Tang Dynasty-style Chinese garden of Nan Lian, a traditional teahouse, waterfall, as well as traditional Chinese architecture, are well within range.
For more on Chin Lin Vegetarian and Nan Lian Gardens click here.

Gough’s on Gough

best restaurants in hong kong - gough's on gough - interior design by timothy oulton studio
Gough’s on Gough is a modern, British eatery with a focus on meat and seafood. Designed by Timothy Oulton Studio, the space reflects the restaurants sophisticated yet relaxed mission. The ambiance is in synch with the food. Its warmth is inviting, as well as classic and modern. The beautifully constructed moonstone bar located on the second story is a focal point of the design. Light filters through the translucent quality of the stone, creating a moonlight effect for those sitting around the bar while being grounded by a K9 glass and brass panel base which is fitted in a herringbone pattern. The rest of the space is filled with strong natural elements, such as Italian Marble from Carrara, leather sofas, and a brass winding staircase. Everything about Gough’s on Gough is rich and satisfying making it a clear choice for one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.
To learn more about Gough’s on Gough click here.


best restaurants in hong kong - Amber at the Landmark Hotel Hong Kong - interior design by adam thiany
Amber is another elegant dining space located at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Central, Hong Kong. Designed by Adam Tihany, the most striking element of the space is the bronze chandelier that spans almost the entire length of the dining room. For Tihany, the most important aspect of designing this space was to keep the focus on the guests so that they could enjoy their food as well as their partners. Culinary Director Richard Ekkebus is equally as discerning about the menu. This two-star Michelin restaurant is kept to high standards. Ekkebus prepares French cuisine yet allows the global aspects of Hong Kong to influence his food, while constantly adhering to the high standards of freshness that his patrons expect.
To plan your next meal at Amber click here to learn more.