Three Stylish Luxury Vacations For Summer

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Three Stylish Luxury Vacations For Summer

The Mediterranean coast is famous for blue skies, warm weather and stylish living. Think of the glorious French Riviera, picturesque Greek Islands and of course the effortlessly chic Italian coast.You can find a busy nightlife, or solitude on the beach, and there will always be fresh seafood. Over 300 million people a year visit the Mediterranean, but for truly luxury vacations, it is worth looking away from the tourist traps. Here are three of the most unique places to stay, offering a taste of luxury and an exclusive vacation.

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Sainte Maxime, the French Riviera
St Tropez, although popular on the French Riviera can be unpleasantly packed during the summer months. It makes a promenade along the harbour through the yachts very difficult. And although the old town is quaint, it’s tricky to see this when it’s so busy. Ten minutes down the road however is Sainte Maxime, that has several beautiful beaches and coves of its own – all sharing that beautiful blue ocean, and soft yellow sand. The town overlooks the gulf, and is sheltered, even during Le Mistral. Even better, Sainte Maxime has over 300 days of sun each year, making it a great place for your beach holiday. If you are dining, it is worth checking out Le Reserve, specializing in lobster, oysters and traditional Provencal seafood dishes. Hotel Villa Belrose is a great boutique hotel to check into, with sea views of the stunning coast and a Michelin starred restaurant. What more could you ask for? 

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Benitses, Corfu
Corfu is certainly the greenest and most scenic of the Ionian islands. Benitses is one of the oldest and picturesque fishing villages to stay in. During the 80s and 90s it had a nightlife that wasn’t to everyone’s tastes, however things have changed – Benitses has become upmarket. This is a beautiful Corfu destination, and so sheltered, being surrounded by mountains. The ocean water is as clear as crystal. You can spend time on the beach, or soak in the Mediterranean history. The village is famous for the growth of citrus fruits and olives, which can be bought fresh from the trees at the market. The Grand Mare Hotel and Wellness is a luxurious place to stay, where you can feel rested and looked after. There is a beautiful spa, and the restaurant has some wonderful fresh breakfast options. 

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Greek Island, Corfu Island, Mediterranean Vacation, Luxury Vacation, Summer Vacation, Mediterranean Destination, Summer Getaway, Exclusive Vacation Photo via Grande Mare Hotel and Wellness
Greek Island, Corfu Island, Mediterranean Vacation, Luxury Vacations, Summer Vacation, Mediterranean Destination, Summer Getaway, Exclusive Vacation Photo via Grand Mare Hotel and Wellness

Formentera, Ibiza
The tiny island of Formentera, just off the coast of Ibiza is very exclusive – you will feel like you are visiting a hidden secret. It is a favorite vacation destination of Leonardo DiCaprio and Cara Delevingne. You will certainly not be disappointed by the fine white sand, not unlike the beaches of the Caribbean. The beach of Migjorn, around the south of the island is a wonderful place for a little snorkeling. Make sure that you pop into Blue Bar, for a drink when you have finished topping up your tan. A large number of the islands restaurants and bars are run by Italians – no wonder the island is so chic. It certainly seems a million miles away from the 18-30 holidays that Ibiza is notoriously famous for. Es Pujols is one of the hottest places to stay, if you are looking for a little nightlife, but without the bargain beers. Think instead of a freshly poured Campari, with locally grown sweet orange. 

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Luxury Vacations, Mediterranean Destinations, Summer Vacations, Luxury Travel, Mediterranean Islands, Ibiza, Formentera Photo via Take a Chef

The Mediterranean coast will never go out of fashion as a holiday destination. The sunshine, fresh food and the sheer beauty of the beaches are simply timeless. These luxury vacations will not disappoint.