Iconic Design of La Dolce Vita: Living the Sweet Life in Style

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Iconic Design of La Dolce Vita: Living the Sweet Life in Style

More than any time of year summer is all about living the sweet life – a life of heedless pleasure and luxury, making the most of each moment. Lh is celebrating La Dolce Vita with these iconic designs that are all about living lavishly!

Object of Desire

Jackie O Sunglasses

La Dolce Vita Iconic Design - Jackie O Sunglasses - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with Lord Harlech - iconic sunglasses - jackie o style sunglasses - jackie o sunglasses Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wearing her classic Jackie O style sunglasses while touring Cambodia’s Ruins with Lord Harlech of Great Britain, November 1967. Source: From Bettmann/Getty Images via Vanity Fair.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis established the oversized sunglasses look when she consistently donned huge dark shades, dubbing the “Jackie O” style. The former first lady and established socialite made her influence as the first lady timeless, as she continuously made bold, trend-setting, and iconic fashion choices. Her collection of sunglasses were created by several world-famous designers including Nina Ricci, Francois Pinton, and Pierre Marly.


Design Statement

Summer Scarves

La Dolce Vita Iconic Design - Veruschka wearing Emilio Pucci, Vogue, 1965 - shrimptoncouture.com - beach scarves - beach scarf - kelly wrap - kelly scarf - beach wraps - beach cover ups - pucci beach wraps Veruschka wearing Emilio Pucci, Vogue, 1965. Source: Conde Nast via ShrimptonCouture.com.

The perfect summer accessory! Channel your inner Grace Kelly by donning a chic head wrap to hold back your wind-blown hair. Cover-up with a timeless beach wrap for a classic beach party ensemble. Whether your flaunting polka dots or Pucci, a fabulous scarf never goes out of style.
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The Staw Beach Bag

La Dolce Vita Iconic Design - Classic Straw Beach Bag - Fringed Beach Bag - straw beach tote - iconic beach bags - most popular beach bags Source: White-Ibiza.com

Whether you’re strolling the shoreline or basking in the sunshine you cannot go wrong completing your look with an iconic straw beach bag.

La Dolce Vita Iconic Design - Gucci large handle Straw tote - straw Beach Bag - straw beach tote - classic beach bags - iconic beach bags Source: Gucci

If you are looking for a classic beach bag design that will never go out of style these chic and highly functional totes are a sure way to flaunt your fresh look along the coast, on a boat, or at the pool!

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If Walls Could Talk

The Cabanas of Saint-Tropez

La Dolce Vita Iconic Design - Mark Shaw Photography - One Shouldered Maillot in St. Tropez Beach Cabana 1961 - saint-tropez cabanas - private beach clubs st tropez - epi club saint-tropez - iconic summer locations - if walls could talk One Shouldered Maillot in St. Tropez Beach Cabana 1961 – Photographed by Mark Shaw for the Jan. 13, 1961 issue of LIFE, Irene poses in a one-shouldered maillot. The Japanese style beach cabana was located at St. Tropez’s fashionable Epi Club. Source: beckerminty.com.

Internationally renowned seaside resort for the American and European jet set and tourists, Saint-Tropez, the once small fishing village on the French Riviera, first became a hot spot for A-listers during the 1960s. Launched into the spotlight as the setting for And God Created Woman starring French actress Brigitte Bardot. Super-yachts, topless sunbathing and beautiful beaches lined with infamous private beach clubs offering exclusive cabanas make Saint-Tropez an iconic summer destination. Living La Dolce Vita is a sure thing in Saint-Tropez – we will let your imagination fly as you close your eyes and envision all the fun to be had in a beachside cabana in Saint-Tropez!

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