How to Style a Jumpsuit: Here's How You Pull Off Jumpsuits With Suave

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How to Style a Jumpsuit: Here’s How You Pull Off Jumpsuits With Suave

Looking to master the jumpsuit look? Read on to learn all you need to know about how to style a jumpsuit!

Jumpsuits arrived in the market some 90 years back when the Italian painter Ernesto Michahelles invented the look in the year 1919. Back then, jumpsuits were better known as “Tuta.” The origin of the name came from the shape of the dress which is of T shape. At that time, the style was only worn by skydivers and parachutists which eventually led to the name of the dress as it is known today, Jumpsuits. In the 20’s, the famous designer of that era, Coco Chanel, reinvented jumpsuits by creating the two-piece beach pajama.

1930s Beach Pajamas - How to Style a Jumpsuit - chanel beach pajamas 1920s & 30s Beach Pajama Trend. Source: Retro Rover

Today, jumpsuits are being worn by thousands of women. Though many other trends have emerged throughout time, none of them remain as constant as jumpsuits. Over the years, almost every fashion designer has come up with their version of jumpsuits. In a study, it was found that the search index for jumpsuits in the popular search engine website, Google, has gone up, specifically during the summer months. There are a variety of jumpsuits available in the market today, and you can wear them according to your style. No matter what purpose you are looking for, be it be as your office wear or a casual beachwear, you can find jumpsuits for all occasions. You can even pair them up with a blazer and pointed shoes for more formal attire.

So, let’s have a look at the top tips for how to style a jumpsuit with suave:

Getting the Perfect Fit

First things first! No matter how good your jumpsuits look or how costly it is, if the jumpsuit doesn’t fit you properly, you are going to look disastrous in it. So, finding a jumpsuit that fits you well is essential for looking perfect. While choosing a jumpsuit, you need to make sure that it isn’t too tight which would make you feel uncomfortable. And if you choose jumpsuits that are too baggy your curves will seem unflattering. Find jumpsuits that cling to the thinnest part of your waist for a perfect look.

Balmain Double Breasted Jumpsuit - How to Style a Jumpsuit - how to style a romper - how to wear a jumpsuit - the perfect jumpsuit - business jumpsuits Double Breasted Jumpsuit by Balmain. Source: Farfetch.

Flaunt Your Curves

If you are not into compromising with the shape of your waist, then jumpsuits that come with a belt would be the perfect option for you. There are many jumpsuits, available in the market, which come with a belt that can be clinched to show off your curves. Jumpsuits with clinched waists give the perfect feminine shape while flaunting your curves.

Elie Saab - How to Style a Jumpsuit - Model-Magdalena Frackowiak - Source Photo by Luca Tombolini, via Vogue. Elie Saab Fall 2016 Read-to-Wear. Model – Magdalena Frackowiak. Source: Photo by Luca Tombolini, via Vogue.

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Get a Bit Formal

Wondering how to style a jumpsuit for a formal look? Pair it with a blazer! Even though a properly fitting jumpsuit dress is enough to give you that elegant look pairing it with a blazer enhances the elegant-factor. Moreover, if you are wearing a jumpsuit for the first time, pairing it with a blazer may make you feel more comfortable. While selecting a blazer, make sure that its style matches your jumpsuit and the occasion for which you are wearing it. Choose a color for the unstructured jacket that contrasts well with the jumpsuit. For solid color jumpsuits, go for a contrasting color. Or for a floral jumpsuit, choose a light colored tuxedo. A bonus will be if the tuxedo is also printed with a light floral design. This will help you enhance the look of your jumpsuit while also making you look chic and beautiful in it.

How to style a jumpsuit - Tom Ford Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear - Model Mica Arganaraz - Source Photo by Yannis Vlamos, via Vogue - blazers with jumpsuits - how to wear a jumpsuit - jackets with jumpsuits Tom Ford Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear. Model: Mica Arganaraz. Source Photo by Yannis Vlamos, via Vogue.

Choose Heels for Wide Legs

Wearing a wide leg jumpsuit? Then the best choice of footwear would be wide heels. If you wear a wide-legged jumpsuit with a sandal or flat footwear, your bottom half will look completely floppy. It will also ruin the fitting of the jumpsuit and make you look shorter. That is the last thing that you desire when you are putting in so much time and effort to look your best.

Dolce & Gabbana Tassel Rose Print Jumpsuit - How to Style a Jumpsuit - Source Farfetch Dolce & Gabbana Tassel Rose Print Jumpsuit. Source: Farfetch.


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Go for Solid Colored Jumpsuits

New to this whole jumpsuit thing? Go for a monochrome colored jumpsuit. If you want to make a bold statement, then go for a colored jumpsuit such as blue, yellow or olive green.

Gucci Spring Summer 2018 - How to Style a Jumpsuit - Source Gucci - gucci jumpsuits - solid colored jumpsuits - green jumpsuits Gucci Spring Summer 2018. Source: Gucci.


Attain a Chic Look with Befitting Accessories:

Elie Saab Resort 2017 - How to Style a Jumpsuit - Accessorizing a Jumpsuit - Source Elie Saab - lavender jumpsuits - capri jumpsuits - designer jumpsuits Elie Saab Resort 2017. Source Elie Saab.

Watches: Looking for something not too formal? Go for smartwatches. These innovative watches help you keep up with technology while giving yourself a chic look. Or, go for rose gold watches or floral watches for a more formal look.

Cushnie et Ochs One-Shoulder Flared Jumpsuit - How to Style a Jumpsuit - Source Farfetch - jumpsuits - designer jumpsuits - accessorizing a jumpsuit - hot pink jumpsuits Cushnie et Ochs One-Shoulder Flared Jumpsuit. Source Farfetch.

Handbag: If price tags don’t matter for you and you’re looking for something more elegant than you can go for a structured look. No matter the size of the bag, a structured bag goes well with everything and also gives the wearer a glamorous and high-end look.

Alberta Ferretti Autumn Winter 2018 - How to Style a Jumpsuit - Source ImaxTree via Harper's Bazaar - how to style a romper - jumpsuits - accessorizing a jumpsuit - how to wear a jumpsuit - the perfect black jumpsuit Alberta Ferretti Autumn Winter 2018. Source ImaxTree via Harper’s Bazaar.

Jewelry: When choosing jewelry, it is always recommended to keep it as simple as possible. A big bracelet, short neckpiece or a pair of drop earrings are enough to serve you a chic look in a romper. You could also pair your romper with matching scarves if you don’t want to wear a neck piece.

We hope these tips for how to style a jumpsuit help you select and curate your perfect jumpsuit look! For more fashion tips from Love Happens check out our Fashion page!