How To Dress To Impress When Traveling The World

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How To Dress To Impress When Traveling The World

Everybody loves to travel. This serves as an outlet for anyone to relieve themselves from stress and recharge again so they can function as an employee, student or as a parent. Being able to bask in the sights of a new country is very fulfilling. However, there are a lot of people who have problems in looking good while traveling. Some don’t even pay attention to what they’re wearing at all – as long as they can hop in the next plane, they’re good to go. Travelers have this kind of notion because one, they think that the luggage they bring hinders them from looking good while traveling and second, they fear that they have to bring a lot of fashion pieces just to get the job done. While these might be true, there are still solutions for how you can dress to impress when traveling the world.
How you dress whenever you’re traveling is important. This can affect your comfort, create an impression and reflect your personality. Plus, everyone wants to look good in their travel photos especially when posted on social media, right? You can still dress to impress when traveling if you follow these tips:

Practice the Art of Layering

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If you’re planning to travel to a cold country, don’t be afraid to layer your outfit. Wear your rompers and jackets for winter for a simple yet classy travel outfit. You can also opt to wear the classic shirt paired with denim jeans and a denim jacket for a clean look. Keep in mind that the colder your destination is, the more layers your outfit should have.

Wear a Skirt in Prints

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than sitting on a plane or train for hours and then having your skirt wrinkled or full of grime. If you love wearing a skirt while traveling, opt to use one which is made from printed material. A printed skirt is less prone to wrinkles and grime, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re sitting. You’ll look clean throughout your travels!

Rely On an Oversized Blazer

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Blazers are simple fashion pieces which can create a big fashion statement. Choose an oversized blazer made from tweed and herringbone and pair with any travel outfit you have – you can wear this on top of your dress, denim and even casual shorts. Just make sure that the colors of these pieces complement each other.

Cover with a Statement Coat

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When you’re not in the mood to carefully pick what to wear during your travel, opt to cover with a statement coat instead. You can basically wear anything under it while still looking good. Plus, wearing a statement coat can make your luggage lighter to carry.

Bring Your Blanket Scarf

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Blanket scarves are probably the most underrated fashion pieces for traveling. With the variety of colors you can pick from, you can wear a blanket scarf that will add a pop of color to any outfit. Additionally, blanket scarves are very functional, too. You can use this as a makeshift pillow, support for your back or just wrap yourself with it if you want to be cozy while traveling.

Invest in Jumpsuits

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Admit it – one of the reasons why you can’t be fashionable while traveling is because it’ll take you so much time to find a match for your jeans or shirt (and vice versa). The solution? Jumpsuits. It’s a one-piece fashion piece that’ll save you time when deciding what to pair with what.

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Find Jeans with a Stretch

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Wearing tight jeans might highlight your legs, but this can restrict your movement. You’ll never be comfortable with tight jeans especially if you’re sitting or walking for hours. This is why you should find jeans with a stretch. Jeggings might be controversial but can be excellent options for traveling. You’ll still be able to highlight your sexy legs without compromising comfort. If you’re looking for a more laid-back travel style, wear boyfriend jeans. These are loose jeans which are very easy to pair with any shirt or shoes.

Be Realistic About Your Luggage

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Your luggage can make or break your fashion style when you’re traveling. If you’re planning to bring two carry-ons that will weigh you down, choose to use one big suitcase and a smaller handbag instead. The latter option will be more comfortable for you and doesn’t take away your fashion game. If you are wondering where you can keep your luggage while you are on the go, storage solutions can help you out here. Simply search for luggage storage in the place you are traveling. Suppose you are in Rome, type in luggage storage rome to find a safe place to keep your belongings.

Wear Black All Over

Most people would prefer to wear black whenever they’re traveling. It’s a color that looks good on almost any skin tone and hides any dirt you might get on you while traveling. And if you’re planning to wear all black – black hat, pants, shirt, bag, jacket, and shoes – by all means, do it. Just make sure that you’re wearing pieces which are different in fit, proportion, and texture.

Beanies Are Important

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If you want to wear a hat but don’t want to use one that’s too structured, use a beanie. This is very soft and packable and can do wonders during your travels. It can be used as a hat while hiding your bedhead. Plus, it can also double as an eye mask – you just need to pull down the beanie so you can get some shuteye even when the plane’s lights are on.

Sunglasses Are a Must

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Sunglasses will be a necessity when you travel, especially when you’re traveling during the summertime or when you’re heading to a tropical country. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and can hide bleary eyes – perfect if you don’t want others to see that you don’t have your eye makeup on. Wearing great sunglasses can also create an impression that you want to zone out while traveling, not chat with your neighbors on the plane or train.

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Don’t Compromise Comfort

There are people who love wearing dresses every time they go out. They’re comfortable with this piece rather than wearing jeans and shirts. When you’re traveling, don’t compromise comfort. If you love wearing dresses, wear one during your next trip. Choose a dress with appropriate knee length and size, and you’re good to go! Don’t change your fashion sense just because you’re traveling.

Wear Your Favorite Graphic Tees

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Your entire traveling outfit doesn’t have to be boring when you’re wearing jeans – when you wear your favorite graphic tees, you’ll look fashion-forward effortlessly. If you’re eyeing to follow this fashion tip, pay attention to the design of the shirt first. Assess if the prints can be worn to a Thanksgiving dinner without offending anyone on the table.

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Use a Bag with Many Compartments

When you’re traveling, you’ll need to present your ID and ticket to every entry in the airport or terminal. You’ll also need money every now and then. Finding these items in your oversized bag can become stressful and time-consuming. You’ll also be worried when you can’t immediately find what you’re looking for. Ditch your oversized bags for a bag with many compartments instead. A bag with many compartments can keep your items organized and keep your mind sane – two important things so you can have a relaxed travel.

Stick to Flats

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Sure, you might have seen your favorite celebrity wearing stilettos while arriving in airports but remember that they’re paying other people to carry their luggage for them. But when you’re carrying everything – like your own tote bag, laptop, and suitcase, wearing heels isn’t really the best option. Always stick to flats when you’re traveling. There are many footwears which are flat, so you’ll surely find a couple of pairs that are up your alley. Flats are very easy to wear, comfortable and yet very stylish.

Being Unique Counts

There are many ways you can still be fashionable whenever you’re traveling. You can use other resources found on the internet and ask friends for their recommendations. Fashion inspirations are helpful but don’t forget to showcase your own style, as well. If you think wearing a denim skirt while traveling makes you look good and confident, go ahead and wear it on your next trip. If you want to use loafers, hats or jackets in loud colors, add these in your luggage and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Dress to impress to show off your unique style, not conform to somebody else’s!

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