Party Planning Tips: How to Plan an Exclusive Party

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Planning a high-end, exclusive party that oozes class, sophistication and an abundance of riches can be an arduous task for anyone. Being the talk of the town is important, but getting there requires organization, time and plenty of ambition. Anyone looking to hold such a party surely has plenty of the latter. As for the other two, there are plenty of ways to get your exclusive party planned and organized on time, whilst still ensuring the delivery of a bash for the ages. Read on for our 5 key party planning tips to consider when planning an exclusive party no one will soon forget. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, sit back and soak up this plan of action…

Party Planning Tips: How to Plan an Exclusive Party

The Right Planners

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The number 1 priority for anyone hoping to pull off the party of a lifetime is to find and hire a business that will handle it on your behalf. Finding the right party or event planner for you can seem difficult, but really you’re looking for an outfit that covers a few essential bases. You need a business that can deliver what you want, when you want, on time and on budget. They also need to have the right connections to make your exclusive party truly grand, the expertise in-house with experience to burn, and the drive and ambition to make every aspect of the party as magnificent as it can possibly be. If you are in the UK check out Kingpin Events, they do all that and more. As one of the premier luxury event planning services in the UK, they utilize a wide network of prestigious contacts, a highly skilled team full of industry expertise, and all the relevant know-how needed to craft the greatest high-end parties and events. There are also a lot of choices for booking a party planner in the US. Alternatively, you can organize your own party. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure to research the most crucial preparations, such as the interesting decorations suppliers, a reliable fresh flower delivery service, a catering menu, and an entertainment schedule. Knowing the size of your party and reading the article’s best party tips will make it easier for you to find or be a good party planner.


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Your choice of venue is so important to the success of achieving your vision for the party, as it will create the overall tone and feeling of the event. If you’re looking for something old and grand, churches, cathedrals and other halls are a great choice. Meanwhile, converted barns, 4 or 5-star hotels and large houses make for slightly more modern options that maintain that sense of grandeur. Garden parties are a fantastic choice for summer, or more intimate options such as exclusive bars can be attained. When choosing a venue, practicality and logistics must also be considered. It needs to hold the number of guests you are planning to send an online invitation to, and it needs to hold the facilities your big day requires.

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It’s a party – people want to be entertained. But this is no regular gettogether, it’s an exclusive party, so karaoke simply won’t do. Your best option is to take the word ‘exclusive’ and live up to it. Utilize your event planner’s contacts to nab famous or world-renowned acts from the worlds of music or other entertainment, and you can be sure to impress your crowd. Live bands or solo singers are a good bet to hit this target, as long as you ensure that your act matches the tone set by the rest of your party. Heavy metal might not be the best choice for a grand, luxurious event, so consider your options and make the right decision for the bigger picture.


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The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs, and this is no truer than in the party environment. But a simple buffet will not be enough for a guest list that wants the absolute best. Award-winning chefs or catering companies are the way to go in perfecting the perfect exclusive party menu.


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History & Elegance

This one may seem obvious, but it cannot be said enough – you need to actually plan! Luckily, if you have chosen your event or party planner wisely, that will take a lot of the heavy lifting away from you. However, you will still need to communicate your ultimate vision to them, and perfect planning is the best way to make the perfect exclusive party.
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If you heed the above party planning tips, then you should be swanning into your very own luxury exclusive party in no time, and we’re sure it’ll prove to be one for the history books. A stunning venue, enviable entertainment, gorgeous food and everything in between – make it the party you’ve always wanted to be invited to, and your guests will leave with cherished memories that are likely to spread.