What to Wear on a Date: Date Outfits for Every Occasion

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What to Wear on a Date: Date Outfits for Every Occasion

Getting ready for a date is an exciting process, no matter how long you’ve been with your partner. Perhaps you’re being treated to a dinner, taking a trip to the coast, or maybe it’s a romantic surprise. Whether you’ve been together for 5 months or 5 years, here are some tips on what to wear on a date to help you create the perfect look for every occasion:

Dinner Date Night

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The ideal dinner date outfit should be classic and elegant. If you’re being wined and dined, then it’s the perfect excuse to dress up and make the most of it. An understated dress with dazzling accessories goes a long way. So, why not pair your favourite bodycon with a necklace, bracelet, and rings? The addition of jewellery can bring your outfit to life if your dress itself isn’t over-the-top. Pick out the colours in your jewellery to match your makeup for a coordinated look. On the other hand, if the vibe is more casual, then you can’t go wrong with some fitted jeans and a dressy shirt. Heels not only elongate your legs for a sexier silhouette, but they also add class to any outfit. Perfect for a dinner date night too, as you won’t have to walk much in them!

Cosy Night In

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Sometimes you just can’t beat an intimate night in, relaxing and watching a movie cosied up with your loved one on the sofa. The great part about a night in is no hassle with putting on makeup. So grab the popcorn, sweets, and soda to settle in for the night. If you’re wondering how to style yourself for a date at home, then remember you never know where the night may take you. Be prepared by wearing your favourite luxury lingerie underneath your comfy loungewear. A surprise your partner definitely won’t be expecting.
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Romantic Picnic

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If you’re going on a picnic date, then you’ll want to keep your look stylish yet comfortable. Heels are not on the agenda. Instead, how about wearing a flowing day dress? Or maybe a simple jumpsuit teamed with trainers or pumps. It’s likely you’ll be taking a stroll to and relax (just try not to spill any on your outfit).

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Day Trip

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Preparing for a day trip date can be a little trickier, especially if it’s being kept as a surprise (not always helpful for picking an outfit). Wear something neutral to suit any occasion, such as jeans and a t-shirt or casual dress. And of course, if you’re going further afield always bring a spare jacket! It’s best to stick with some flat shoes but if you really want to wear heels, then pack some flats in your handbag just in case.

You’re Ready

You’ve dressed to impress and now it’s time to enjoy your night. Don’t stress if you don’t know what to wear on a date, with these tips and tricks you’ll look effortlessly chic in no time. Whether it’s a nervous first date or routine date night with your other half, there’s every reason to get dressed up.