From Comfy Tops to Black Dresses: How To Love Yourself No Matter What You Wear

From Comfy Tops to Red Dresses - How To Love Yourself No Matter What You Wear - black dresses - outfit ideas - fashion tips - fashion to love yourself

From Comfy Tops to Black Dresses: How To Love Yourself No Matter What You Wear

Clothes remain an integral part of a woman’s life, especially when it comes to self-expression. After all, the realm of fashion has evolved continuously over the years to have one trend hop in and hop off in years or even months at a time. What’s persistent, however, is the fact that fashion is a powerful tool for self-identity and expression and a great way to love yourself. Regardless if it’s comfy tops or red dresses, any woman who can tap into the power of both her clothing and her confidence will be able to strike appeal not just to her friends, relatives, and potential suitors, but also to bring out a more powerful version of themselves. How can this work for you?

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Perhaps a few sources might help understand this predicament much better. In fact, some sources do state that fashion is integral as it can both reflect and affect a person’s self-image. University of Hertfordshire’s Karen Pine said wearing pieces of clothing also means “wearing” characteristics normally associated with that clothing. For instance, women wearing comfy clothes may feel more relaxed and at ease, while dressing up with corporate clothes will give off a more professional vibe. As such, it may be important for someone to be able to use this to their advantage. In order to utilize fashion to its finest, it’s said you should start wearing clothes that make you feel powerful and help you love yourself.

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The Power of Comfort: Staying Confident and Love Yourself With Fashion

With the above statistics in mind, it may greatly help to understand that comfort is starting to become just as valuable as style when it comes to clothing. This means even a comfy top can be regarded as a fashion asset provided you use it correctly and according to fashion trends. However, perhaps much more powerful is the fact that you can actually use clothing as a form of self-expression, and they’re actually capable of helping you love yourself more. How can you do this?

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Remember first that your fashion doesn’t define you:

Rather, it’s the other way around. Remember, clothes are useless without their owners, and price tags are useless without people to buy them. Whenever you wear or purchase clothes, always make it a point to remind yourself that you’re getting these clothes because they help you define yourself. Think of yourself as a canvas and your clothes your paint. You are just as free to pick up any item of clothing for your style. It just so happens that you feel connected with pieces of clothing you choose because they help you emphasize parts of yourself and your personality other pieces of clothing can’t.

Be aware of your inner fashion and style sense:

It’s true that there are fashion rules and fashion trends for specific types of clothing. However, being a fashion enthusiast doesn’t mean having to follow all the trends all of the time. You need to be able to find that signature “style” that represents you, as this is often the type of clothing you wear best that can help boost your confidence and personality. You can often find this type of “Style” especially in clothing you don’t want to throw out or clothing you wear all the time. Emphasize on this fashion as it can greatly help you express yourself.

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Stay away from pieces of clothing you don’t like, even if they’re trendy:

A lot of people, especially those who want to follow recent trends and style preferences, would normally want to buy pieces of clothing that can help “work” with the recent fad. However, if you don’t like the particular piece of clothing that represents the trend, don’t buy it. Remember, you’re going to be using the money you’ve earned or saved up, so you shouldn’t use it on something you may not even wear more than once.

Comfy is starting to take over stylish, so take note of this:

Another important note in terms of building your love for yourself is to acknowledge the reality that fashion is starting to lean towards comfort and practicality more than appearance, which means the days where complicated pieces of clothing ruled are soon going to be placed with comfortable aesthetics. This can be your cue to start wearing your sweaters with a more artistic flair.

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Feel free to switch up your fashion game:

However, just because we suggested you find types of clothing that “represent” you doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to change your fashion game every so often. Remember, your clothes don’t define you – they merely help you express yourself. This means the moment a particular piece of clothing fails to do this, you’re allowed to dismiss that clothing for a while in lieu of other ones. Feel free to experiment and switch up your style every so often, as it’s the wearer of the clothes that matter and not particularly the clothes themselves. You can also build your wardrobe according to your mood, with pieces of clothing mixing and matching depending on how exactly you feel in a particular moment.

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Practice wearing your clothing, style:

One of the reasons why people often find it hard to be confident with what they wear is because they don’t “practice” wearing their outfits outside the store. It matters more for you to practice wearing your clothing at home or going out instead of just sticking to the dressing room. If you have opportunities to go out by yourself, wear your new clothes and experiment with appearances. Go to a safe and public location such as a mall or a park with your new clothes and try to practice your walking or your composure. A place where no one can recognize you is best for you to practice, as you can go all out knowing that no one would remember you anyway… unless you pull of a style so awesome that people will want to meet you.

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Spread your inner branding to your social media feeds:

If you’re having a bit of trouble being confident with yourself, you may want to take a dab into social media. Remember that even people have their personal “branding,” and clothing is just one of the many ways people can actually show that branding to the world. Kylie Jenner, for instance, used her own name in her own business – to the point where she managed to have both “Kylie” the person and “Kylie” the product line that managed to skyrocket her into one of the youngest billionaires on the planet. As with the above, find something – especially a fashion sense – that emanates “you” and build upon that.

The Takeaway: Your Comfort Matters Just As Much As Dress Style

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With the above taken into consideration, it’s important to understand that the best way for you to wear comfy tops or red dresses has more than just “style” as a basis. Confidence and self-love emanates power and uniqueness, as it’s not all the time you get to see someone be proud of what they wear. Or rather, be proud of who they are regardless of what they wear. Always remember that you’re capable of pulling off whatever type of clothing you wear, provided you mix your knowledge in fashion and enthusiasm in style with confidence. Love yourself!
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