Custom Wedding Invitations for Luxurious Brides

Custom Wedding Invitations for Luxurious Brides

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Luxury wedding invitations can be hard to come by. Ensuring the paper type, print quality, and service all live up to what every bride and couple deserve is sometimes a bit of a task. Doing your due diligence by asking other brides, shopping around, and figuring out what you’re truly looking for and what luxury means to you might take time, but once you have gorgeous custom made wedding invitations in your hands and a guest list worth of loved ones to share them with the hard work of planning the wedding of your dreams is totally worth it!
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Everyone knows that luxury means extravagant, opulent, and lavish; however, that might look a bit different to everyone. So, to bring all the brides-to-be out there a few different levels of luxury we’ve teamed up with the innovative online stationery design company Basic Invite. They’re sharing a few of their personal favorite tips and trends to creating luxury custom wedding invitations for all you luxurious brides.

Gold, Silver, & Rose Gold Foil

Details are what can make or break your design and adding foil to any style will ensure a luxurious and sophisticated feel no matter the purchase price or designer. Basic Invite offers gold, silver, and rose gold foil colors each in flat and raised printing options. Adding a foil touch makes any design classy and your guests will be in awe!

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Elegant Color Details

Elegance doesn’t have to mean tradition. White or cream cardstock with a fine black print is a classic choice that we all love, but introducing color into your designs – when done right – can actually enhance the sophisticated feel. Rich burgundy, deep navy, and the prettiest pinks are all fabulous colors to consider.

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Online Design

Boutique style invitations with a modern-day twist. Designing luxury custom wedding invitations online is actually an option. You just need to know two things. One, where to look and two, how to navigate the process. This is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of having a luxurious wedding suite.
Weddings come with the opportunity to throw a one-of-kind event in the name of love. Making sure it’s done right means luxurious invitations, dreamy tablescapes, and the most decadent desserts possible.
Basic Invite can help you out with one of those. So, head on over to their website and start shopping. And soon you will see what luxury in the digital age truly means.

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