5 Women’s Luxury Fashion Brands

5 Women’s Luxury Fashion Brands to Love in 2018

Every woman dreams of owning a wardrobe filled with luxury fashion brands. Exquisite quality, lavish materials and unique designs make these brands neither common place nor particularly affordable. But they sure do make them desirable!
Chanel’s founder, Coco Chanel, once quoted what luxury meant to her, “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”
The finest, most elegant and most expensive products are defined as luxury. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Elie Saab, and Lanvin have been carrying their luxury brand status splendidly for ages.
Here are our top 5 picks for women’s luxury fashion brands that you will love to die for:
The world-famous fashion brand Gucci is an Italian-based company. The founder Guccio Gucci founded the brand in 1921 in the city of Florence, Italy. This amazing brand holds a world record for its “Genius Jean” the most expensive pair of Jeans in the world.
In spite of being the most expensive fashion brand in the world, Gucci has made tremendous contributions to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). There are several support programs hosted by Gucci to help unfortunate kids from sub-Saharan Africa. It also provides help for the Healthcare, Education, Clean Water, and protection programs.

Gucci luxy fashion brand

Source: Photo by andersphoto on Shutterstock.com

Louis Vuitton
Who wouldn’t die for a Louis Vuitton purse? One of the most sensational fashion brands in the world. Even celebrities are crazy for LV apparel. This Brand came into existence in 1854 by French designer Louis Vuitton. It has been titled as the world’s most expensive luxury brand from 2006 to 2012.
As it is the most popular brand, there are many offenders who forged the brand hence the company has to employ a special team of lawyers to handle them. Louis Vuitton has made headlines with their glamorous brand ambassadors like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Gisele Bundchen.
bags of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton

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Hermes is a French luxury brand manufacturer renowned for its incredible collection. It was established by Thierry Hermes in 1837. A family-owned company and one of the leading names in the fashion world. The clothing, accessories, perfumes, and leather are the specialties of this premium brand.
luxury fashion brand bag

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Hermes is not ordinary and it has proved so for decades with regular customers such as Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Grace Kelly, and Sharon Stone.
This is also a major luxury brand from the France’s fashion maker city. The founder of this brand is Jeanne Lanvin, who launched her first fashion line in the year 1889. Jeanne’s fashion collection was inspired by her daughter hence initially it was more of a children’s fashion brand. Later it included all the major categories of the women’s fashion world.
In 1996 Lanvin was bought by the L’Oreal and started to design specific women’s fashion clothing. This brand has an incredible history behind its success story. Lanvin is undoubtedly on the lists of the most promising luxury brands around the world.
Show of luxury fashion brand Lanvin

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Elie Saab
Elie Saab is the first Lebanese designer to become a member of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. This luxury label is popular for designing expensive bridal couture. In 2002, Elie Saab became the first Lebanese designer to dress the Oscar winning actress Hale Berry.
Since then Elie Saab is one of the most demanded designer labels among high-profile celebs. The fan-list of this luxury brand is huge and includes the likes of Queen Rania of Jordan, Victoria crown princess of Sweden, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift and many more.
women wearing luxury fashion brand Elie Saab

Halle Berry’s dress in 2002’s Oscar Ceremony designed by Elie Saab. Source: Photo by Everett Collection on Shutterstock.com


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So here you have a bit about 5 of the most popular luxury fashion brands in the world and certainly 5 of our favorites! We all dream of owning their stunning pieces, feeling the luxurious materials on our skin, but with such high price tags actually purchasing from these prestigious luxury brands is not always so easy. With exclusivity running deep in their essence they rarely offer discounts, so if you like shopping for luxury bargains it’s not easy, but perhaps you will get lucky if you check out this link for deals on top women’s fashion brands.

taylor swift using luxury fashion brand

Taylor Swift wearing a Elie Saab dress. Source: Photo by Joe Seer on Shutterstock.com

Hope you enjoyed learning about these luxury fashion brands! If you think we have missed something leave us a comment below!
Words by Alivia Cora