Lh Exclusive with Top NYC Interior Designer Sasha Bikoff

Georgian House Living Room Design with Blush Pinks and Mustard Yellows and Golds by Sasha Bikoff Interior Designer NYC

Lh Exclusive with Top NYC Interior Designer Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff’s interiors embody glamour. Her signature references to high-fashion, beautiful blending of vintage pieces and luxurious details combined with her deep understanding of design and flawless execution of the process make this New York-born interior designer one to know!
Sasha Bikoff Top NYC Interior Designer
We had the honor of asking Sasha Bikoff some questions about her love of design, her business and what’s next on her design agenda.
Read on for her delightful replies and to see a selection of her stunning work.
Hudson Valley Living Room Design by Sasha Bikoff Interior Designer NYC

Lh: What began your love for interior design?

Sasha Bikoff: I have always greatly admired interior design. As a young girl, I was enamored by the way my grandparents decorated their homes combining Persian carpets and accessories with European antiques in one home. Then there was their home in Florida which was very Scarface 1980s style with bright reds oranges and blues. I grew up in a very 90’s minimalist apartment in NYC where everything was white, but I found the ‘more is more’ aesthetic of my grandparents much more inspiring.
It wasn’t until I moved to Paris my junior year of college and lived in decorator Lisa Fines apartment that my love for interiors took a more serious turn. I was frequenting the Marché aux Puces on the weekends and visiting all the local antique shops in Saint Germain where I lived. This is when I realized I was obsessed with design. I was studying art history and fine arts but found design to be my hobby and passion.
Upper East Side II Living Room Design by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design NYC

Lh: After college, you worked at Chelsea’s Gagosian Gallery for 3 years before opening your own firm, what led you to leave the art world for design?

SB: I worked in the art world but continued sourcing researching and teaching myself about the history of design, its movements, and interior spaces. Then I couldn’t fight the passion and the fact that I was a creative more than an art dealer. The art world is all about closing the deal and making the sale. In reality, art is a commodity and while working in the gallery world art and artists lost their magic to me and it inhibited my creativity. So, I decided to take the plunge at decorating with my first project at the Dakota in NYC.

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Holiday House Soho by Sasha Bikoff Interior Designer NYC

Lh: How would you describe your style in 3 words?

SB: Marie Antoinette at Studio 54
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse Staircase by Sasha Bikoff Interior Designer NYC

Lh: Your list of Services runs the full gamut of anything one may need in the realm of interiors, how has offering such a broad range of services helped your business grow? Do you have a favorite? (Love the sound of those Parisian Antiquing Adventures and the Set Design!)

SB: I think that interior design encapsulates so many different art forms. I don’t want to ever set limits for myself because spaces come in so many different shapes and forms and it’s a journey to create a space. I want to be able to provide the full journey with all the paths that it takes to get there.
Set Design is very fun, I love to combine different art forms such as fashion with interiors.
Sourcing for antiques has become a passion of mine. I believe interiors should be unique and none should look the same so always being on the hunt and providing antiquing adventures is a normal form of shopping for me. I understand that for a non-designer this can be overwhelming. So many things come to mind when antiquing. Is this a good investment? How is the condition? How do I ship this? Do I buy it right away? Will it be gone if I think about it too long? I am able to help make those decisions and be a guide.
black tailored sexy chaise, called millicent by koket

Lh: What has been your most fulfilling design project to date?

The Dakota NYC by Sasha Bikoff Interior Designer NYC
SB: The Dakota – It was my mom’s apartment and my first job. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing! It was all trial and error. It was my first-time sourcing everything. I remember starting from the top floor of the d&d Building and working my way down the stairs visiting every showroom figuring out which I liked. It taught me how to deal with clients as my mom to this day was and always will be my most challenging client. It also gave me my signature which is to always be inspired by my clients’ passions, dreams, and style while blending in my own inspiration and creativity to create a totally unique, one-of-a-kind space and personal experience.

Lh: You recently came out with a rug collection; can you tell us a bit more about this? How has it been going?

Disco Dots Rug in Gold & Pearl by Sasha Bikoff Rugs Interior Design NYC
SB: I come from an art background and I used to live my life painting in a studio, now I have reverted my creativity into product design. Rugs have always been a passion of mine. I am half Persian and grew up with Persian silk carpets so it’s in my DNA.
I wanted to create a cohesive, condensed collection that was easily relatable and interesting, but not basic. There are so many carpets out there it can become overwhelming with all the colors and collections and I felt that there was a void in the market for cool contemporary rugs. I mostly buy antique rugs because I am rarely intrigued by new designs.
The disco dots are pretty neutral in palette but because they have metallic lurex thread in them they go great with furniture from any time period that has chrome, brass, or copper. They are supposed to connect with furnishings in the room and be mixed and matched with any colors, textures or fabrics. The zodiac rug is a real statement piece emulating a midnight sky referencing the art deco period. It’s supposed to connect with people on a more spiritual level in terms of the horoscope signs.

Lh: Do you have any plans to design any other product collections?

SB: I am working on a fabric line with Fabricut. We are doing three amazing prints designed by me and two solid velvets. The prints are something that I have always wanted to do and have never seen before and the velvets are based on fashion pieces I own.
Georgian Home Living Room Design with Soft Pinks and Yellows by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design NYC

Lh: Are you working on any exciting interiors project right now?

SB: I am working on a three-bedroom apartment at the new Zaha Hadid building in Chelsea. I’m so inspired by the architecture and, as a female and a huge fan of Zaha’s work, I hope to bring her interior vision to life and keep her feminine futuristic legacy.
I am also doing a fitness studio called 305 Fitness which is going to be 1980’s Miami art deco revival meets nightclub vibes.
And there you have it! We can’t wait to continue following Sasha Bikoff!
For more from Sasha visit www.sashabikoff.com

Words and Interview by Anna Bimba
All Photos Courtesy of Sasha Bikoff

bonnet chair in pink silk and metallic leather called drapesse chair by koket