7 Tips to Create the Luxury Bedroom of Your Dreams

7 Tips to Create the Luxury Bedroom of Your Dreams

Are you dreaming of revamping your bedroom into its most luxurious version? Then you have come to the right place. Your bedroom is a special place. It should be your sanctuary, a place in which you can feel more secure and relaxed than anywhere in the world. So, why not turn it into a glorious room filled with luxury and comfort? Follow these tips and in no time, you will be enjoying the luxury bedroom of your dreams!

A Golden Touch
Gold is definitely among the top luxurious interior design trends. You can use gold to decorate your basic looking bedroom and amplify its worth. Add a golden chandelier, wallpaper your ceiling in a stunning gold foiled paper or bring in some warm golden furniture. Anything touched by gold brings instant elegance and opulence.

luxury bedroom by koket

Nymph Chandelier by KOKET

Make a Royal Blue Statement
Interior designers love using blue in varying shades to create the most luxurious bedroom designs. Blue renders cool, peaceful and heavenly effects inside a bedroom. It also suggests posh and calm ambiance which is why it is luxury home designers so often choose it for bedrooms. Balance blue shades with white for a truly glamorous effect. Hence, if you want a bedroom fit for royalty, adding shades of blue is a must.

luxury blue bedroom

Source: Project by Kelly Wearstler

Deluxe Doors
Every great room has a grand entrance. And the door design is what sets an extraordinary room apart from a common one. Same rule goes when creating your luxury bedroom. A grand door design will create a magnificent gateway to your grand bedroom. Double doors are often a go to choice for creating an elegant and chic bedroom entrance.

entrance of a luxury bedroom

Source: Photo by Nick Bayless Photography

Silver Love
If you are more of a silver fan, incorporate it in your luxury bedroom design as well. Silver adds a princess like aura. It is a highly energetic color that uplifts the room with positive vibes. Add alluring elements like silver silk and fur that will glow under white light creating a magical Fairyland – a perfect luxury bedroom for a young woman.

silver luxury bedroom

Grey Bedroom with Lapiaz Nightstand’s gold by Boca do Lobo

A Mind-Blowing View
It’s a shame to have a house with beautiful surroundings and not take full advantage of the scenery. There is nothing more luxurious than having glass walls throughout your bedroom so you can enjoy the striking beauty of nature. You will feel on top of the world and like nothing is impossible. If you are lucky enough to have a view, don’t waste it as this is an excellent way to create the luxury bedroom of your dreams.
An Eye-catching Accent
Adding a touch of color is a wonderful way to add personality to a monochromatic interior design. Add a dazzling table lamp to your nightstand or dresser for a brilliant touch of luxurious glamour. Find a piece of wall art, a plush rug, or a grand mirror. Choose whatever color you love, just make sure it is a masterpiece that will glorify your whole bedroom. Statement pieces will bring on that extra wow factor!

tips to create a luxury bedroom

Source: Project by Irina Boytsova & Julia Ilina

A Luxurious Bed
A luxury bedroom cannot exist without a stunning bed and the perfect mattress. There are many options available, so go bed and mattress shopping and pick the color, shape and size that fulfills your dreams. Try a king-size canopy bed with luxurious curtains, or a fully upholstered bed with a statement headboard. Go for a round shaped bed and mattress for a unique and royal feel. Check out Dream Cloud, one of the top-rated mattresses trending in the luxury mattress industry or visit Voonky.com for authentic mattress reviews. Once you have your bed frame and mattress selected cover your bed with soft and luxurious sheets, blankets and decorative pillows.

luxury bedroom by koket

Kelly Bed by KOKET

Voila, your luxury bedroom awaits!