Luxury Proposal Ideas: Create the Perfect Engagement Story

Luxury Proposal Ideas - Art Suite made of all ice at Icehotel Sweden

Luxury Proposal Ideas: Create the Perfect Engagement Story

A marriage proposal is one of the most significant questions you’ll ask someone and a moment that you’ll both remember forever. Get it right with these luxury proposal ideas!
Luxury Proposal Ideas - Couple in love
Carefully thinking through how you’ll do it is essential to creating the perfect engagement story that you’ll be telling the generations to come. Make it personal to your relationship by taking your partner to a romantic spot that’s special to you both or book a break to the hotel that you’ve been meaning to go to.
If you’re still undecided about how you want to go about it and would like some ideas, here are some luxuriously decadent ways to make every part of the proposal unforgettable.

The Destination Proposal

One way to pop the question is to whisk your partner to a beautiful location. This very much depends upon the type of person your beloved is.
Luxury Proposal Ideas - Man proposing to women with a tropical background
Should you both adore city breaks, there are some truly stunning locations to choose from. For those who love Rome, walk up the steps of the Piazza del Campidoglio and take in the view. If you adore Paris, take a tour of the city in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce before asking the question while overlooking the Seine valley.
For a truly breathtaking option, take a trip to Hawaii Island in Hawaii and get down on one knee next to the Akaka Falls. This jungle location is filled with wild orchids and is a stunning spot for such an important occasion. You could also ask your beau as the sun rises at Ayers Rock in Australia or on the beach in Costa Rica’s beautiful Guanacaste region.

The Classic Proposal

A delicious meal followed by a proposal is a classic way to get engaged. Give it a twist by heading to an eatery with the wow factor.
Luxury proposal ideas - stylish couple walking holding hands
Take a trip to one of the world’s best restaurants. In the top three alone you could be dining in Modena in Italy when you try cuisine at the world’s number one restaurant, Osteria Francescana; heading to Girona in Spain, or visiting Menton in France.
Plan this one before you dine. Take your pick of the engagement rings before jetting off so that all you have to do is enjoy dessert and ask your question.

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The Proposal with a View

Luxury Proposal Ideas - Art Suite made of all ice at Icehotel Sweden

Art Suite at the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. Daily Travellers. Design Alem Teklu & Anne Karin Krogevoll. Source: Photo by Asaf Kliger. © ICEHOTEL.

To capture this unique moment, take a unique trip. One way to do this is to head to Sweden, stay at the ICEHOTEL and propose beneath the Northern Lights.
Or, instead of staying on the ground, you could indulge in an exclusive hot air balloon ride over the Uyuni Salts in Bolivia or get down on one knee at the top of Mount Vesuvius.
Where will you go to get engaged? Has this list of luxury proposal ideas inspired you? Wherever you go to ask the big question, you’ll find it’s a wonderful moment for you both.
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