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best podcasts for women

Modern young women are always too busy. They work full-time, they have an active social life, and deal with household chores. We live in an era of fast life, and a fast pace of life requires women to stay determined when it comes to building a career. At the same time, women should stay fit, have certain financial knowledge, and stay up-to-date about popular culture and the latest news. Modern women also understand the importance of personal growth so they are in a constant need for information.

Is it possible to consume the necessary information without having enough time to read articles and books? Here is where podcasts come in handy. Podcasts allow you to consume information while commuting to work, cooking, or doing virtually anything else. Podcasts can deliver your daily dose of insight, inspiration, humor, and facts. No matter what topic you’re interested in, there are dozens of podcasts about it, with interviews from authoritative public figures and valuable opinions.

However, the world of podcasts is dominated by male hosts. There’s no surprise that the sophisticated audience of modern women gets tired of men talking — they want to hear a woman’s voice and to see a woman’s perspective. Fortunately, more and more women start creating, hosting, and producing their podcasts. We made a list of ten best podcasts for women created by women so that you can find what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Best Podcasts for Women

1. The Guilty Feminist

deb of the guilty feminist podcast - best podcasts for women

This podcast is hosted by Deborah Frances-White, an Australian comedian, screenwriter, and author who won the 2016 Writers’ Guild Award for her show on BBC Radio 4. The ironic title of this podcast perfectly illustrates its nature and mood. The host describes herself as a feminist who detagged herself from a photo at a women’s conference because she thought that her ankles looked fat. Deborah invites many interesting guests and they discuss relevant topics all the feminists consider especially important. However, this show also focuses on all the “buts” — our insecurities, fears, and other things that may prevent women from achieving their lofty goals.

2. Being Boss

being boss podcast hosts kathleen shannon and emily thompason - best podcasts for women

This podcast will provide you with inspiration and some helpful tips. Aimed at an audience of creative entrepreneurs and business owners, this podcast focuses on lifestyle, habits, and mindsets that can help women become better leaders. Hosts Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson invite admirable female leaders, such as Jessica Murnane, Vasavi Kumar, Brené Brown, and many others. Being Boss is more than just a podcast, it’s also a supportive community. Emily and Kathleen also host various events, vacations, and live hangouts. In this podcast, you can hear many real-life stories of success and tips from real female bosses.

3. Forever 35

forever 35 podcast - best podcasts for women

Hosts Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir keep searching for secrets of happiness and eternal youth, sharing their insightful and funny thoughts with you. The hosts explain that they felt the need for a self-care/skincare podcast that would target not only young girls but also more experienced women as well. Every episode contains many tips on nutrition, masks, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. Many interesting guests also share their own advice and tell hilarious stories.

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4. Where Should We Begin

where should we begin podcast by esther perel - best podcasts for women

Hosted by Esther Perel, this podcast offers you a sneak peek into other people’s relationships, their challenges, and passions. Ester is a Belgian psychotherapist and bestselling writer. She decided to ask some of her clients for permission to record their sessions. Surprisingly, many of them agreed to be recorded so that other people can feel their situation and, perhaps, find solutions to their own problems. There are no names and personal details, but anyone can easily conclude that these stories are real. In addition, Esther always knows what questions to ask to make sessions even more interesting.

5. Clever Girl Finance

clever girl finance podcast by bola onada sokunbi - best podcasts for women

Bola Onada Sokunbi is a financial expert and a financial education instructor. She hosts this podcast, where she shares a lot of information that will help you better understand the world of money. Here you can learn how to properly save, invest, and manage your money. Some episodes focus on methods of saving money for a specific purpose (for example, wedding), while others provide tips on creating and maintaining a personal budget.

6. 2 Dope Queens

2 dope queens podcast by phoebe johnson and jessica williams - best podcasts for women

This podcast is a perfect choice if you want to laugh for an hour, non-stop. Comedians and actresses Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are a perfect duo. They finish each other’s jokes and their episodes are recorded in front of a live audience, which makes you feel like you’re sitting right there. The hosts also invite many comedians and discuss a wide variety of topics, from pop culture to relationships and diversity.



#momsgotthis podcast hosted by stacy igel and michelle park - best podcasts for women

This is a podcast that offers a lot of valuable information in a form of concise episodes. Hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park invite successful artists, entrepreneurs, and entertainers who have kids and so can share some valuable experiences with other moms. The hosts address such topics as work-life balance, career development, self-care, etc. If you have 15 minutes during your busy day, this podcast is a great choice.

8. Stuff Mom Never Told You

stuff mom never told you podcast hosts bridget todd and emilie aries - best podcasts for women

This podcast was created by the same team as another popular podcast, How Stuff Works. Hosts Bridget Todd and Emilie Aries know a lot about womanhood, feminism, and everything related to a woman’s life. The hosts not only share their opinions but also provide research data, turning each episode into a thorough examination of a certain gender issue. At the same time, their discussions are never boring.

9. Fat Mascara

fat mascara podcast hosts jennifer goldstein and jessica martlin - best podcasts for women

This beauty podcast is hosted by Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Martlin, who know everything about any product you put on your skin. The hosts invite famous hairstylists and well-known experts from the beauty industry, discussing a vast range of topics. For example, here you can get recommendations on new makeup products, learn new trends, and discover new ways of treatment.

10. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

terrible thanks for asking podcast host nora mcinerny - best podcasts for women

The host of this show, Nora McInerny, has lost her father, husband, and an unborn child. All these tragedies followed each other within one month. Is it terrible? Definitely yes, but what to do when you go through a terrible episode of life and people keep asking how you’re doing? Nora has noticed that people are used to answering “fine” when they actually feel terrible, and she thinks that it’s not right. Her guests also know a lot about tragedies, as well as the main secret to survive them — empathy and humor.

No matter how busy you are, these ten best podcasts for women will help you learn something new while driving to work, cooking dinner for your kid, or jogging. Created by women for women, these podcasts will provide you with information on the latest beauty trends, tips on career development, and real-life stories of struggle and success. Thanks to podcasts, you don’t need much time to get your daily dose of inspiration, interesting facts, and jokes.

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