A Russian Interior Design Masterpiece by Vadim Maltsev

dining room design in russian renaissance project by vadim maltsev - nahema chairs by koket

Modern yet classical. Simplistic but simultaneously complex. Vadim Maltsev’s ‘Russian Renaissance’ project captivated Love Happens from the moment we laid eyes on it!

Vadim Maltsev interior designer
Creative Director Vadim Maltsev
Photo by Daniil Yarohsuk, Style by Cake Monster

The young ideological designer-inspirer and art director of his self-named brand, VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR | FURNITURE, has been creating exceptional design since he began in 2010. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, Vadim established his firm. He quickly attracted the attention of the Italian bureau Ciarmoli Queda Studio with whom he collaborated on numerous projects as he rapidly grew his international practice. A creator of interiors and furnishings, Vadim’s designs blend contemporary and classical styles bursting with personality and boldness.

Russian Renaissance

With the completion of the Russian Renaissance project, Vadim and his team created a truly unique and inspiring space. A modern interior which beautifully honors Russian history.

Inspiration was drawn from books and films about Russia, its folk traditions and customs. A remarkable series of Fabergé masterpieces created for the Russian imperial family and private buyers between 1885 and 1917 also served as a point of inspiration for the project.

dining room design by Vadim Maltsev with an oval marble dining table, a brass and floral chandelier by pelle and red nahema dining chairs by koket
Chandelier by Pelle, RENAISSANCE Dining Table by Vadim Maltsev and NAHEMA Dining Chairs by KOKET

In the apartment’s dining room, a stunning organic inspired chandelier by the New York-based brand Pelle serves as a dazzling focal point. The delicate gold geometric fixture strewn with white blossoms hangs above one of Vadim’s own designs. A classic marble, wood and brass oval dining table named RENAISSANCE. Lastly, a warm and inviting touch of red enters the space with four Nahema dining chairs by KOKET. Their slender black legs and brass details perfectly complimenting the table.

russian renaissance dining room design by Vadim Maltsev with an oval marble dining table, a brass and floral chandelier by pelle, red nahema dining chairs by koket, and a religious inspired piece of wall art by uldus bakhtiozina
Art by Uldus Bakhtiozina

Alluring works of art by the imaginative Russian photo-based artist Uldus Bakhtiozina add to the interior’s magical intrigue.

black and gold sideboard flanked by two chairs with a photograph of a nude woman's back above it in an interior by valdim maltsev

The Kitchen

Faith and religion played an integral part of culture in Ancient Russia. Thus Vadim incorporates this history in the space through an iconic element of the Byzantine church – the arched vault. In the kitchen, the arched vault ceiling beautifully expresses this Russian Orthodox aesthetic.

russian renaissance kitchen design with gold cabinets and arched vault ceilings designed by valdim maltsev

The Hall

Grand modern doors by the Italian brand Rimadesio, eloquently represent the way in which the space transitions from historical to modern.

hallway designed by vadim maltsev with his byzantium console table and modern sconces by apparatus
Sconces by Apparatus, BYZANTIUM Console by Vadim Maltsev, and ‘The Creation of Adam’ Sculpture

In the hall, sconces by the Italian studio Apparatus hang above Vadim Maltsev’s BYZANTIUM console. A striking design that also recalls the iconic arched vault.

view of hallway with a wood floor and a rimadesio cover storage system made of glass designed by vadim maltsev

Beneath the arched ceiling of the hall is the impressive Rimadesio Cover, a freestanding wardrobe, which serves as a wall, storage, and showcase for decorative and collectible items.

The Bedroom

bedroom design by vadim maltsev

In the bedroom, large sliding doors, also by Rimadesio, separat the sleeping space from the dressing room and bath.

dressing room by vadim maltsev

The Bath

On the bathroom ceiling, a Renaissance style fresco depicting a biblical scene brings a sense of the classical past to the spaces modern feeling tile and chandeliers. Historical references are also seen in the custom sink vanity. Covered in white ceramic tiles set in a pattern inspired by the architecture of Christian cathedrals and Russian architecture.

russian renaissance bathroom design by vadim maltsev with white tile, a historic painted ceiling and a large oval mirror

In this brilliant project, Vadim Maltsev demonstrates that Russian design is a powerful force with new and young talents. The firm also re-establishes a true and unshakable love for Russianness! With projects from New York to Australia, we cannot wait to see what this innovative and inspiring firm comes up with next!

Words by Anna Beck Bimba

All Images Courtesy of Vadim Maltsev Design & Decor

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